Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas

I woke up hella early. My mom signed us up to help feed the homeless. I really don't feel comftorable calling them "Homeless". To me that takes away from their value as a person. They all have names, all come from somewhere, all have a story. How they ended up where they are at is something I can't even imagine, The struggles they go through everyday. The mission was in Pasadena, I'm assuming a tad better then in Downtown L.a, I helped volunteer there Thanksgiving of 07. it was crazy.

So my mom dressed all cute and different, and me with my sweater and bomb ass gloves from the 99 cent store THANK YOU VERY MUCH! =)...

We got there early and helped take stuff off the truck. It was pretty hectic. As soon as we got there we were ready to work. A lady gave me a clip board and an assignment. People kept coming up to me .. one sayed I looked official lol! So being a leader by nature I just started directing people, taking over and helping with any questions the people may need. I am very friendly and definitly a people person. I love doing stuff like that. If you ever see me at a show, especially a Psycho Realm or Muggs U.N.I.TY event, Release party I'm either working the door or helping out in some way. I fucken love it. Sometimes Tone (Psycho Realm/Self Sci/Tha Mexakinz) Manager who I work closely with always tells me to just chill and enjoy the night, but this is how I enjoy my night.

So many volunteers came out. Whats funny is my mom who is forever dating and trying to find "the one" apparently signed us up through the "Singles Meetup".. I heard her tell someone, I'm like Singles Meet up? Oh god lol.

People were driving up and dropping off hot food! People were lineing up early and this was all before 10am! I loved it, had lots of fun, A couple dudes were wiling to do whatever I sayed lol, one asked for my number, I sayed sorry sweety I don't date dudes, I wonder if he thought I was lying? either way pretty creepy.. I caught him watching me for a while.

What was really dope is while I am forever on my phone, this dude came up to me started talking to me.. asked if I was on myspace posting messages, I sayed of course, so we started politicin. He was an older black man, we started talking about Hip Hop. He asked me what I thought of jay-z, Game, 50 cent, Snoop.. and of course I gave me outright opinions.. then he asked bout Lil Wayne.. See I don't care if you call that bullshit rap.. but don't fucken dare call it Hip Hop.. Lil Wayne is NOT Hip Hop.. OMG then he asked about NELLY LMAO! I told him what I listen to as the greats and told him about who's dope in the "Underground" He knew his Hip Hop, He told me he saw Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, RUN DMC!, etc.. back in the day.. thats so fucken sick! I thought that was pretty cool, the way his face lighted up when he told me how Flava Flav came out all robot like at one of their shows. dope.

My mom has ALWAYS made it a point to volunteer, I remember being a lil ass girl, probably 5 or 6 going to hospitals passing out candy canes and stuff to the retirement homes, I remember being scared as shit due to the really elderly.. some didn't have familys or long to live. I thank my mom for that because she always had me in something.. always volunteered for everything including animal events.

I don't really have family, I mean of course on both sides, but I can't give them the title of "Family" they have shown me and treated me nothing family like. It's always been me and my mom. My grandmother use to have Christmas and stuff at her house but she died when I was 15. I don't know what it's like to celebrate with family, like chill all day and have fun? I have spent Christmas with my friends family, I have been fortunate to have had people in my life treat me like family, some have come and gone.

Lately I been really making it an effort to be thankful for the simple stuff. I can see, hear, walk, feel, touch & speak. I have nothing to complain about. I look at these people who have lost loved ones, who have lost their jobs, houses, etc.. They are going through some serious shit. I'm also afraid however, to be to thankful in my mind because god forbid something happens to me.

I have the most amazing mother, she loves me like no one else ever would nor could, she supports me in everything I do, always backs me up 100%, never lies nor has ever spoke down to me, will NEVER give up on me.., god she is the best mother possible, I sometimes wish I could be the daughter she truly deserves. Words can't describe nor explain how lucky anyone is to know her, this earth is a better place, she truely does gods work, it's overwhelming for me to speak of all the unique and genuine qualities she has, she has taught me compassion, love and just overall how to be a good person. She is beautiful on the inside out. She is extremely outgoing and friendly, always happy, always the one to go the extra mile for someone, if she sees someone get in a car accident or anything she is right there, if there is any stray ANYWHERE she takes it in. She is the head of the Domestic Violence unit at a sheriff station.. it's not her job, she just loves to volunteer, she talks the talk and always walks the walk. She is so positive and always gives people the benefit of the doubt. always one to give compliments, or help anyone out. She is the definition of the "good person" she dressed up from all era's, she's adorable. I am blessed everyday because I am her daughter, to be half the person she is would be an achievement. It's really a disgrace the bullshit she goes through from when she was little to now. our life is like a soap opera. But I guess things happen for a reason. So as I sit here watching lucy my favorite show ever ever ever, my mom is asleep in the blanket I bought her for christmas =). Christmas is everyday for me.

Here are some pics I took from earlier. I am definitly going to voltuneer every week from now one. It's something that is calling me. I've recently been introduced to Energy Healing, spiritual stuff and my life purpose is in communications, delivering messages, I finally know what I was put on this earth for. People seem to pay attention to what I do and say, I think that's dope and will never abuse that.

My mom =)

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J said...

Awwww!!! What a great Christmas! Gratitude brings more goodness.... :-)