Thursday, December 25, 2008

TMZ & The disease of gossip

I am blogging from my phone! Ahhh watch out now lol! I'm sure there are typos so please bare with me spell check isn't an option on my blackberry right now for this blog lol

I love TMZ.

The writers on that show are fucken comedy and genius. I know they intrude and really say some horrible shit. I get that and it is wrong. Is it good T.V? Yes!

Sometimes I think what if I was a huge celebrity? Lord how they would tear me apart!

Omg the candid pictures!!!! I freak out now about my angles, imagine?

I don't agree with the questions, the ridiculous and completely uncalled for, horrible and intrusive questions. I know its the reaction they want but still. Just bad karma

Harvey always looks mad like he doesn't want to be there. The people who work there all seem like miserable people who get off on the misfortunes and caught off guard celebs they blissfully out and pick apart everything they say, do and look like
Then Harvey puts the name of everyone they have dirt on.. On a clear board. Imagine your name on there? Wtf is that?

If you think about with all that negativity everyday for a fucken show? A show that I watch? What does that say about me? Am I part of the problem? I am part of their ratings demographic.

Gossip is a huge business. Probably as old as prostitution. Its hurtful but oh so juicy! We all hate when its about us though right?
Its kind of like that old game "Telephone" roughly described there is about 4 to 5 players, the more the better. The first person whispers a story in the ear of the other and passes it along to the next person, so on and so on, then the last person says what they heard. Maybe some people interpet what they processed different?

I see TMZ as kind of like a dramatic, lonely, jealous, vindictive, manipulating, clingy, obsessed stalker girlfriend
If you notice when a celeb disses them or gets mad they tear them apart but if they are "nice" to the cameras they are pleased and show them all kinds of love making the celeb look like a saint

In a time where exposing celebrities and tearing them apart so society can feel better about their own lives is profitable now more then ever

If you want to stick a camera in someones face that's one thing but to fucken follow, chase and out right put peoples lives in danger, even following them home, digging in their trash! especially when it comes to kids.

What's even more scarier is with all the emphasis on "The Money shot" anyone can literally go after you, especially in this economy. Our world is instant, within minutes you can upload any unflattering image and news from your phone to the world wide net

Look at Britney Spears shit to be stalked and chased like a fucken animal? With a failed marriage, 2 kids and the pressure of being a huge star? Is that easy? Who is anyone to judge? Like we are all fucken perfect? Bullshit. I can't begin to think of what her life was like... Then to have a mental state and be constantly under the microscope? I would go fucken nuts to, cameras in your face, you can't even walk without a crush of people
If she goes to the gas station or somewhere normal then she's bad mouthed. Wtf is that?

Think about this, think about a time in your life where maybe you were doing something that if it was to get out on the net how embarrassed and even depressing that could be? I know a lot of people do care what people think of us.. Now magnify that by a good couple million who don't know you.. They form an instant opinion and judgment on you.. Blogs are posted about you by complete strangers, haters..... How would you feel? What if the story told wasn't even half true?
I'm sure the crew for instance showcased on TMZ television show has some dirt of their own... I wouldn't be surprised if some celebs or people who are tired of the shows shit starts to do a bit of dirt digging on their own ...

"Before you point your finger at me..make sure your hands are clean"

Gone are the old days of semi true gossip magazines like "Enquirer" my mom was a faithful reader but come on
95% of that shit was ever really true

I think if we took a look at these people and have compassion, they are normal people. Sure they may have well of lives in money and possessions but doesn't mean they don't have problems of their own. The proof.. "Entertainment" media outlets like TMZ
Have you ever noticed how the media will build someone up and then tear them down!?
Do we chastize and tear them down, punish them for being successful? For having human ups and downs?

What's even more disturbing and dangerous is how society takes what is negativity shown as the truth. Opinions are formed and set in stone of an idea of the person, that can totally destroy someones career and credibility. How does their family's feel? the kids, etc imagine your parents plastered everywhere? Or being a kid having their school mates or people taunting and talking shit? But we don't think about that do we?

Ever hear the saying "Don't believe everything you hear" or "see" its true.

So maybe I don't love TMZ, I do watch it and I catch myself on their site "catching up" wtf is that? Its not my business. It is however entertainment but at the persons expense? Am I feeding into the negativity? With every click I give then by logging on raises their stats and the sponsors pay even more money, which only makes it more thirsty and hungry for more dirt and the cycle continues and this media monster grows to new lows and horrible highs.
And what's insult to injury? Spawn spin offs, a sequel in a way.. There is always competition.. That's the American Way right?

Me and my friend I affectionately refer to as Christanka are definitly chismosas.. Comadre style at it's best. We have known eachother since we were little girls, our mothers are good friends. She is one of the tiny few who knows everything about me. So of course we dish and spread the "cheese" of the Chisme from our daily lives.

I'm not saying I'm perfect and sure I "gossip" I'm sure we all do but there's a difference and a line.

I'm sure people gossip about me. I know for a fact they do. Its universal everyone has something to say about someone good or bad, positive or negative and or malicious

I am a vault. People tell me some serious juicy shit. I don't share because its not my business

There is always 3 sides to every story. 1 side of each and lastly the Truth

I like to think the truth just happens to match my side lol

Anyways now that I really think about it, the less negativity the better.

I won't be in the Thirty Mile Zone.

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