Monday, December 8, 2008

general people-sweet outcomes!

I kinda ranted more then I thought lol.........

I got new car.. well new to me. There is some stickers I can NOT take off it's a biotch! I tried and tried, I googled and saw that at some auto places they have a certain razor.

(Yes I know the different ways blah blah blah)

I went to Kragens and told the man my problem and what may I need?

So he kinda looked like he didn't want to be bothered, he left and came back and sayed I was in luck cause, it was the last one and he needed one as well. There was 2 razors in the pack. He opened it and asked which color I wanted.
before I could tell him he can keep which ever one he wants, he gave me one! =)

I was like really? he's like yea.. Have a Merry Christmas..

sure it was on clearance for like 97 cents? He still could have charged me OR never showed it to me at all.

how sweet is that!!!!

you see nice stuff like that.. thats dope.
I guess he wasn't bothered after all, shows me I shouldn't assume!

OH and while I'm at it.. I was at del taco a couple weeks ago at like 1:30am? it was packed and all I wanted was a simple bean burrito. $1.07.. when I got to the window I guess the dude thought I was gonna bitch at him like I heard a couple others in front and behind me.. I'm not like that so I smiled and he asked what kind of drink I wanted.. I sayed I didn't order one, he sayed I'm giving it to you.. ..

who am I to turn down free DR.

so I sayed cool, I gave him $2.00 and he didn't even charge me he sayed naw it's cool.. I'm like well SINCE YOU INSIST ! lol.

I appreciate little stuff people do..

I use to work at for Carnival Cruise Lines in the lost luggage unit. I had my own office, etc. I was a contractor for them. So everyday I would get a crap load of people's stuff.. so my job was to call them and have them pick it up or ship it out to them.

when people would come in person, which wasn't often because of the destinations.. we were supposed to charge $25.00 for each piece.. EVEN if it wasn't even their fault..

I would feel weird and bad.. so most of the time I wouldn't even charge them.. no one would know anyway.

So... there was this woman who had a huge cd collection that she wanted. I kept an eye out but couldn't find it. I would even have one of the dudes go back to the docks to find it while he was out there.. EVERY day she would call and I seriously thought it was gone. So a couple weeks later I found IT! I called her up all excited told her, and had her come pick it up! she was so happy and I didn't charge her of course! she was so sweet.. she left and came back with a gift card to target.. and the most genuine thankful card. I still have it to this day. It's on my wall so I can see it. it means alot to me..

it's basically a card with a huge smiley face as the sun and theres grass, etc.. you know the usual..

in it she says SMILE BABE =) and at the bottom she says "They hould make more people like you in the world"

I love this card. 1 of my most precious possessions

anywho my long ass blog . Basically always help anyone out.. no need to rush or be selfish.. etc.. I swear giving something for nothing in return is a feeling you can't explain. courteous as well.. it's contagious in a good way.

just thought I would share.

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