Sunday, December 21, 2008

I finally had my energy healing & other recent info lol

I tried to write this particular topic since Friday but I haven't been able to..

Last week I had went to Traffic School. Well first I went to Court! ay dios was I shitting bricks.. I wasn't worried or nervous actually the day before.. my mom went with me.. what a mommy's girl huh?. So I got this ticket back in Feb. blah blah blah.. missed the extension by a day. Clerk sayed I had to appear before a judge.. so because he I guess thought I was cute scheduled my court date to December! =) the fucken ticket was around 700!!!! a 150.00 now almost 700 because I was 1 day after the extension.. anywho June to December I had to chill? SWEET! pobresito when he asked for my number and I told him I don't date his "kind" lol aka gender! he was cool about it though lol.

anywho. So as I was freaking out.. I was like shit.. what if they send me to jail if I can't pay the 700???? The clerk told me the judge was really cool and usually lowers everything. I wasn't nervous about going to jail..I was worried bout the strip search!! I would totally have to shave and wax! how embarrassing dude, imagine how violating that is to be strip searched? after I was just like shit? what if they strip search me? I was thinking.. I can't be the only one especially in todays economic bullshit that doesn't have the money at the day of court! I was late for a fucken ticket! it wasn't even like really speeding? My mom says well Lindsey Lohan was there for 45 minutes and never took an article of clothing off lol. Mind you I wouldn't mind if Michelle Rodriguez was still locked up for her D.U.I .. =)~

anywho So I get there.. judge calls me.. doesn't even acknowledge the 700! just says.. I'm going to dismiss your failure to appear.. and your fine is now 200? do you want traffic school? I nodded YES! =) I shoulda asked for community service.. the whole time I was there everyone who went before me .. he was hooking everyone up! but the thing is.. I was actually going to traffic school that same day for ANOTHER ticket lol and since you can't do traffic school in 18 months I didn't want to say anything.. I was just so happy he lowered it I got scared lol. So he gave me till March =)

wow! reminds me.. I gotta go down there and ask what I should do since I already went to traffic school.. blah blah blah.

Ok.. So Friday comes and my friend Janice who if you have read a couple of my previous blogs I have mentioned her .. she is into energy healing, etc.. she is awesome period. Way beyond this talent her whole like life is amazing. Totally someone I admire. I'm serious you would be like are you serious? she needs to be on T.v as a huge inspiration for not only females but our generation period!

she brought me the most coolest gifts, one of my favorite is Oracle Cards.. "Messages from your angels" -(Doreen Virtue). She also did a energy healing on me, she pulled out alot of negative blocks, like depression, anxiety, cords, etc.. hard to explain since I'm not to familiar with the correct terms, but either way I feel so fucken good! My intuitions are stronger, wow. Happy Happy Happy =)

My new favorite things are the cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love them! I feel alot at peace and definitly will be studying more into the law of attraction, manifestation, etc..

Janice relayed to me that I do have psychic abilities and my life purpose is in communications. Which totally fits me because people do listen to what I have to say, the blog below this has messages and some comments from my myspace alone in just a couple months.. I started saving really sweet positive and genuine messages people have left me. I put them in a blog. Nice to look at when your having a bad day.

you know whats really cool? like take the book that seriously completely changed my life (Skinny Bitch).. at least 13 people have bought it because of my reaction to it. People will buy, read, and check out almost anything I say. It kinda shocks me, and it's like dope! If I am ever to be known for anything it's as someone people can trust what I say and recommend. People mostly know me because of what I do in the Hip Hop scene, but I use that platform to touch on other topics like the other side of what I do .. like this for instance, my blogs and stuff about me in general. People are interested in me as a person I guess? why I don't know? Maybe I say things they can't or they can relate to me because I am honest. I'll write about anything.. there is maybe 1 topic I haven't had it's had a HUGE impact on me. I won't write about it. little hints and there but not right now. not for a while.

Me and my friend Demics are thinking about doing like something on the net but like a t.v show kind of? not really a t.v show but like me talking or doing something? kinda music related, but I think his vision is things I write about like this or I dunno shit people usually pay attention to what I say or do or I dunno how to explain. He seems really vested and totally serious. Which is cool with me, When I had my radio show 13,000 in my 4th week and thats just all the bandwidth the site could hold. Imagine? I always think.. I can't believe more then 10 people actually logged on.. I'm not a professional.. shit I don't like the sound of my voice.. I kinda just go with the flow? maybe thats why people tune in? I also say what the fuck I want how when and where. I don't like to be censored and I will always speak my mind.

OH and speaking of which.. HI DEMICS =). I know alot of people read my blogs, and I know of at least 2 who have me on their RSS feed? I guess they get an alert or whatever when I post this. so I'm sure he will see this lol. He mentioned to me today that he has my blogs on his RSS feed, I'm like wtf? See I know people read what I write.. but I never think about the people who actually kick it with me and know me in person read this? I kinda just think people anonymously read this..

You know how people love Oprah and buys and just does whatever she says or recommends? she uses that power for good and thats what I want to do. So now I believe more then ever I am on this earth for a purpose.

Mind you, I am cynical of shit, If something is usually to good to be true.. hell yea it is. but the whole angel, energy, universe, everything like that.. I get it. it feels right.. there isn't any like "you have to buy this.. or "Donate" this or blah blah blah. There is no catch as of right now.. this isn't a cult, it's not voodoo and it's not "magic".. It's real.

Of all the fucken bullshit and I mean BULLSHIT.. shit I have gone through in my life.. there had to be a reason right? all my issues.. all the horrible bad and cruel shit my whole life.. I hope it's worth it lol. Now it's exciting to me. I would be the first one to say.. you wanna die? handle that scandle.. don't expect me to stop you...and now.. well I don't think I wanna die everyday anymore.

I haven't taken my meds for 3 days I believe? I feel good. I am still going to take them but I feel peaceful, I am more aware, I am so intuitive it's crazy. imagine? and this is only in a couple days.. wow... I want to learn more and more and more..

There is so much I want to share but I know so little because I have yet to fully read the 2 books Janice gave me.. I have only had 1 amazing session with her. I hope to learn and soak up everything she will teach me. Maybe we came into each others life because she is also here for a life purpose but maybe the effect she and the teachings effects are having on me.. will have on you reading this right now. You never know, and the messages will only reach more and more people will have astounding effects.

I am really in love with my oracle cards. It's basically a deck of cards... has 44 angels and their meanings on it.. it comes with a booklet, has different spreads like where to put the cards when your giving a reading.. you can do it on yourself, or someone else, it's basically your angels communicating with you through the cards. The cards are never wrong. You can pull out any card, as many cards, anyway you want and it's always accurate. It's incredible! I love love love it!

My friend who is really down, and just I can tell very down on his luck.. then he found out he lost his job.. so over yahoo messenger I asked him if it was cool to do an angel reading on him. The cards revealed alot and I'm excited because he got really strong cards and messages from the angels. I already know he's strong and a survivor. He told me today he feels really good, and I'm assuming it's because of the cards, I also suspect due to the fact he does trust me. and that means everything.

Oh and as of right now I am addicted still to Albertos bean & cheese burritos, and now.. 711 Hot Chocolate! I add all kinds of stuff to it. My weight is catching up with me. The angels & cards are sending me a strong message I need to start exercising and doing yoga. Good thing I bought YOGA & PILATES FOR DUMMIES!, Hey it was on sale lol =)

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