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Top shit people do that irratates me!

This seems to be one of my most popular blogs. I don't think if I wrote a blog on everything I love it would get this much attention.. lol.

I don't regret writing this particular blog.. I may come off to "harsh" to some.. but this is how I feel and I write what I want and how I want. I don't mean to offend anyone or target this to anyone personally. or else if I did.. I would lol. But this is just shit in life that annoys me..

-When someone always has something negative to say about someone doing good. No matter how good the situation is or whatever the accomplishment is someone always has to rain on their parade.. why? cuz most people in society can't stand to see someone getting praised.. they gotta be the asshole to ruin it.. or at least try. It could even be on the internet-well always on the net cuz 99% ain't got the fucken balls to put their info" to someone they don't even know.. like my blogs for instance.. ill get a shit load of comments/praise and there has to be one to say something so fucken stupid. Sure.. not everyone is gonna like what I have to say but it's called.. if you ain't got nothing nice to say.................... Callate =)

is it that difficult for someone to get positive feedback with no haters? OH MY THE HORROR.

Like always have to point out something about someone if that person is only getting good things sayed about them. or their work, writing, etc.. bet it makes the hater feel better?

Then people wonder why their lives are miserable.. KARMA my dear.


People (Guys mostly!) Do NOT cover their fucking mouth when they SNEEZE! they turn their heads and direct their germs airborne! NO shame! even when they are ahead of you in line! SUCIOS!

or when your at the market or public place.. and people act like they are the only ones around.. stopping right smack in the center.. no compassion or thinking of others who may have to get around.

I find it awkward and uncomfortable when someone around me.. friend or stranger.. sneezes and I DON'T say bless you. It's just weird to me not to say it. I think it's fucken rude when people don't say it. personally.

When your speaking to someone and before you even finish your fucken sentence they say HUH? all fucken loud.. I wanna tell them LISTEN FIRST YOU ASS BEFORE YOU FUCKEN ANSWER. I hate that. so annoying and so rude. cuz before you finish your sentence and they go HUH.. you have to REPEAT and you can't even get to the end of the sentence before they go OH YEA and then they reply to the question.. ay dios mio! they fucken heard me. JUST A FUCKEN LAZY LISTENER........................

-Your speaking to someone on the phone and they HAVE NO SHAME completely disregard your speaking to them and they reply to someone else in the room.. not even "Hold On" .. Naw and it makes you feel stupid ESPECIALLY when they cut you off.. and then go back to your "conversation" either they make you say it again.. OR they start talking about what they just sayed to someone or go off on a topic all about them.. What's wack is if you were really pouring your heart, asking for advice, or some chisme.. WACK. OH but GOD FORBID! you do it to them? you don't say "HOLD ON" they freak out and get all pissed!

This happens in my "family' sometimes lol. If i was asked to get something for someone and what they wanted wasn't available.. and I tell them "they didn't have it" or "they can't do it" then the person will say "THEY CAN'T DO IT?" and I say no.."WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY CAN'T TO IT" .. and regardless my answer they keep FUCKING asking me.. MY ANSWER AIN'T GONNA FUCKEN CHANGE!

-Oh and another thing that I think is stupid .. it just speaks volumes on their character and immaturity when I have clearly I don't like it when guys call me mami or sexy.. yea duh I just do it's gay and stupid. so then I get messages "what up you sexy mami" lol. like if thats supposed to make me SOO MADDDDDD.. like I'm gonna loose sleep over it? get the fuck outta here with that, you didn't ruin my day.. the rain isn't coming down.. IDIOT lol. just makes you look stupid at your childish attempt to get my attention.. I find those kind of stupid things is easier for someone to get attention because as well all know.. negative attention is easier to obtain then positive.

I know this is the SHAME section so I won't go into to much detail cuz I already got 4 thousand blogs (lol) on no shame about how people play others..

but.. I'm gonna do it anyway lol.

-No Shame
Fucking your sancha while your baby momma is celebrating her BabyShower!
Fucking their partners (boy/girl) friends.. and going out all together like nothing happened!
Fucking countless girls with no condoms.. cuz only an idiot thinks "I don't wear rubbers with the girls I'm fucking.. I know they're only fucking me) LOL. As I'm sure the each girl your fucking thinks the same about you and all the dudes they're fucking ... Might as well get a job at the Free Clinic.. you will be spending alot of time there.. might as well get payed for being there.

I can go on and on..



Ok so I know alot of "Races" have stereo-types.. so try to figure out which one I'm speaking about.. if you know me or live around 626 you know damn well what I'm talking about!!!!

-Your trying trying to get in the Left Lane to make a Left Turn (Protected green) and your behind the last car in the lane.. you ALMOST fit but because FUCKEN ASSHOLE a car ahead or a couple YOU MISS THE LIGHT.. I hate that shit!!! I get the whole "1 car behind or till you can see the tires of the car in front of you"but don't be a dick when you know there is only 1 fucken lane to make a left turn! you don't need that much space especially IF YOU THE FIRST FUCKEN CAR.. YOUR GUARANTEED TO TURN FIRST ASSHOLE..

AND Drive throughs!! OMG!

I HATE 2 window drive throughs like at Mc Donalds. realistically there is 3 cars that can fit.. the car at the pick up window, the car ahead who just payed.. and you who IS ABOUT TO PAY but can't cuz the fucken 2nd car can't move it's precious ass ahead! YOU sit there forever, practically backing up the line which is no fault of yours! until this ass graciously moves the fuck up!

OR your a car behind the person who is ordering.. and they chose to pull up only a tad.. so your fucken stuck between almost at the speaker.. but not quite there.. you try to pull up as much as you can.. you notice the car ahead of you has so much space between the car ahead of them you could lay down between them! so the censor is going off and then your asked for your oder.. but you can't be heard! so then you got people behind you giving you looks.. hands waving out .. thinking it's your fault...

One time I was at a George Lopez concert the day after Christmas.. so me and my mom parked on the roof top.. so everyone was trying to leave.. there was no one directing traffic so it was a fucken free for all A NIGHT MARE.. so you have the steady line of cars.. then you got the cars parked each side of the line.. who want in the line.. but theres cars backed up.. it's chaos.. SO were in the middle.. where we should be and this fucken bitch in a big ass SUV WITH NO SHAME straights puts her car like she's gonna hit my mom.. I'M LIKE OH HELL NO.. i told her WTF ARE YOU DOING? she of course ignores me.. and the mili second the car ahead moves she goes for it.. no shame in her bitch ass game.. then this other car trys it.. I WAS SO HEATED.. see shit like that.. petty ass caddy shit.. it catches up with you one day.. by the time we got out.. that broad was way behind us.. I dunno how people are raised.. ghetto shit like that.. wack. no manners.

ok now back to the calles lol.

I get so fucken PIST! when people don't move up.. or think about people behind you.. THEY'RE GOING SOMEWHERE TO ASSHOLE!

now where I live.. there is a huge Asian/Oriental.. whatever you wanna call it.. community. I find it ironic that 95% of the "older" generation can't drive past 20 mph.. but they actually own business's that offer DRIVING LESSONS! ..

Now besides the fact they don't fucken look when they make a turn.. OR they STOP like if fucken GOD was walking by and then PUTS ON THEIR TURN SIGNAL... WTF IS THAT?

I worry about my safety when I walk/run around my house.. I'm serious.. I'm constantly stopping whenever I pass a parking lot, crossing streets.. etc.

Okay now why is it that people will be I SWEAR TO GOD 4 fucken cars behind the cross walk.. like your at a light but the fucken car that is first behind the line is about the length of a FUCKEN BIG RIG what the fuck is that? like.. I could understand if you don't have the best vision.. but come on seriously? That would just be awkward to me.. to sit so far behind the line? or I see the car ahead of me has alll kinds of space.. I ALWAYS give them dirty looks.. I hate that shit!

or.. when your trying to make a light at a unprotected green light.. so time is not your friend.. and you got an idiot who won't go much father then the fucken line.. so by the time the light is green your fucked.. and if your the 3rd car and there is a CAMERA .. you just won a $300.00 ticket compliments of the ASSHOLE WHO DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO MOVE THE FUCK UP! DON'T BE A SISSY LA LA!

Now if you know the 10 freeway.. ever notice that theres always a back up on the 1st to lanes? between Temple City Blvd and Fremont? Ever wonder why? .. I know the answer.. but lets just say it's all RELATED.

I hate it when people don't give big riggs the respect they need. If you know a trucker or ever been in one you would totally change the way you treat them. Yes, I know its fucken annoying they take for ever to merge.. but shit.. they got a couple TONS of metal plus like 5 or more GEARS.. so when your ass slams your breaks, or cuts in front of them they have little time to react!
PLUS I know it's an instinct that when we see them signaling to get over we kinda wanna speed up or think if we are behind them were gonna go slow as fuck.. maybe and maybe not.. but they gotta get in AND YOU FUCKEN SEE THEM but you wanna be a DICK FACE and speed along with them so they cant get in.. your an asshole. Be respectful .. you HATE when cars to it to you imagine how they feel?

People believe in signaling in traffic in L.A.. I DON'T. when there is traffic.. the guaranteed way your not gonna get in any lane is if you SIGNAL.. why? cuz people don't want to let you in cuz thats 1 more car in front of them going slow, and it's also a ego thing.

I always use my signals unless it's the situation above. What I don't get is when I'm trying to get in the lane AND THERE IS NO TRAFFIC.. I use to my signal.. YOU SEE MY ASS.. but all of a sudden WITH NO SHAME IN YOUR GAME you basically take your sweet ass time just passing by me like a big FUCK YOU.. WTF is that? and when I do get behind your stank ass.. more then Likely your going so fucken slow anyway.. I'll end up in front of you and your ass will what? BE 2 CARS BEHIND ME anyway? so why speed up? AIN'T LIKE YOUR DRIVING THE POPE THAT YOU GOTTA BE ALL PICKY AND SHIT.

I personally wave a respectful thank you when someone lets me in.. I was taught that way... If I'm letting you in when I know you really don't fit.. and you don't give me a thank you or wave? nigga fuck you!

OK now there are 2 things in this world I don't agree with nor tolerate. So if you know me and you do this.. I don't really give a flying shit if it offends you cuz the act is greater judge of character to me.

When people park in fucking handicapped parking. If you had it for your grandma, etc.. cool WHEN THEY ARE IN THE CAR.. but if not it ain't a fucken free pass just cuz YOUR ONLY GOING TO BE A COUPLE MINUTES...

I'm not stupid I know some people have them because they may have an injury of some sort you can't see and they may look fine.. but they can be prone to eye problems, or have chronic leg pain, etc.. I get that.

But if your a lil asshole who is clearly okay but just TO FUCKEN LAZY or in a hurry.. your an asshole. period.

If you know or have spent anytime with someone that has to be in a wheelchair .. OR are confined to a wheelchair.. do you know the time it takes to get them out of a car.. put them in the wheelchair.. or the time it takes for the van to unload the person in the wheelchair? and if they have breathing tanks, etc.. YOU JUST MADE IT THAT MUCH LONGER AND HARDER for them to not only WALK cuz there IS NO PARKING .. you made it that much harder for them to do what is ALREADY a hard enough task.
We take getting in and out for granted. If you really knew what they go through.. you would be a little more compassionate and take the extra time to find a fucking parking space .. so you gotta walk a lil father" THATS CALLED WEIGHT WATCHERS PARKING.. walk .. it's good for you! AND if you know someone in that situation.. and you still do? shame on you!

This may be a lil harsh but it's the way I feel.. I have no respect for ANY being if they..
Hurt, Abuse, Molest, Rap (yes it happens, how do you think slaughter houses and sick fucks do with disease ridden animals?).. Torture, hit, kick, throw, toss, stick shit up their ass, mouth, make them do cruel shit.. TO ANY ANIMAL. I swear to god..

You don't have to like animals, thats fine.. to each is own.. im not saying anything is wrong with that.. it's when they aren't doing anything to you and you just have to fuck with them. I know when we are kids.. sure they may not know better.. but when your a teen ager and up.. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THE FUCK YOUR DOING..

setting dogs on fire? picking bunny's up the ears? swinging a cat by it's tail? or pulling them? smashing kittens, kicking and hitting dogs to listen to you? IT'S A FUCKEN ANIMAL YOU DUMB PIECE OF SHIT! it's not human!. So you get mad if they shit somewhere.. what the fuck do you expect? but if they open a door or do something "smart" you punish them as well?

Most people think animals don't have feelings or some people are just raised to think they don't feel like we do .. the extent is the same IF NOT WORSE. THEY JUST CAN'T SPEAK you fucken piece of shit!

This is something I will not tolerate..

I don't eat meat, chicken or fish.. blah blah blah.. Do I care if you do? fuck no. thats your body.. do with what as you please..

I'm not gonna preach about how animals are treated, some of the SICKEST CRUELEST ever in the world!!! you wouldn't even sleep at night.. but I know it's easier to ignore..

my point.. animals feel to.. i understand if you were bitten by a dog or a cat, etc.. but something has to be evil in your soul to even want to hurt them.

It's a proven fact, serial killers, rapists, predators have all started with the abuse on animals.. so really think about that........

OH and fur is dead.. idiot..yea you look real spiffy wearing a dead fucken bear.

you sick fuck.

Oh and if you can't take care of a pet.. THEN DON'T GET ONE.. they shit, piss, do shit you don't like .. AND THEY MAY GET BIGGER.. OH AND THEY NEED ATTENTION!! Oh and guess what .. THEY BARK,MEOW, CRY etc.. THEY ARE FUCKEN LIVING BREATHING CREATURE..

When you take your animal who has been with your family for a while or is passed on to you.. the minute you put them in a shelter.. guess what! they get sick, the feel depressed, they are in a new setting with other animals that by nature is their predator.. how would you feel?

I get people have to give their animals away cuz they can't keep them any longer, their apartment manager wont let them, they cant afford the pet, etc.. but just cuz it "bugs" you.. your a dick. period.

BUT WAIT.. before I get the cry baby's.. "what about rapists, child molestors, domestic violence"

Oh I know all about that personally.. plus my mom who is not only the hugest animal activist.. GO PETA! (not all members of peta are crazy).. she is also the Domestic Violence Coordinator at a Sherrifs Station..

so when someone wants to throw that shit at me.. I always ask.. well what causes are you involved in?

it's a touchy topic.
on to the next.........

When parents are walking feeeeeeeeeet behind their kids! wtf is wrong with you? thats how kids run into the street and the parents act like they dont have at least a little blame??????

or when your in a doctors office .. like urgent care like I was.. SURE I know kids get restless and kids get bored and they want to walk around and play.. it's natural! BUT if your kid is cranky and wants to run around BE LOUD AND SCREAM.. GET YOUR KID.. I was in Urgent Care.. in fucken unbearable pain.. in the waiting room.. with gee oh I dunno OTHER PEOPLE IN FUCKEN UNBEARABLE PAIN.. and yet there is this adorable little girl.. probably is sick or something? she's running around, moving things, climbing on things being loud.. probably bored.. and her mom yells .. not goes to get her.. but YELLS out her name and the oh so productive "don't touch that, get over here".. yea mommy dearest really getting her attention.

So this lil girl is not tryen to sit down nor go to her mother.. her mother is sitting a cross from me.. I'm with my mom.. and my mom is looking at her like GET YOUR mom is the shit.. she totally understands how kids are but this mom clearly is not interested in controlling her child.. it got worse and worse...... finally she goes to get the kid and the kid starts crying and screaming throwing a tantrum right in front of us! my mom is ready to say something but i hold her back!!!.. cuz if anyone even blinks at my mom wrong.. I will beat your ass till I see blood. I couldn't move so this wasn't gonna happen! so the little girl starts fussing and freaking out.. clearly does not want to sit down or be still.. so what does mother of the year do? she keeps trying to pick her up.. LIKE IF NO ONE WAS AROUND.. the little girl kept getting louder, wiggling her way from her mom, bending her straighting her legs so she doesn't have to sit down..

If her kid wants to act like that.. by all means.. handle that scandle BUT DO IT OUTSIDE! how embarrassing to put on a fucken show for everyone??????? I could see if the mom was overwhelmed or the one sick.. but she wasn't!!!!!!.. everyones head was throbbing, people are giving her looks but no one sayed shit..

If you warn your kid to stop.. and they keep doing it.. and you warn them again.. and they keep doing it? don't you think after the first warning you should take care of it? the minute you don't follow through with your "threat" is when they know you don't mean it. Universal Rule in life that applys to everything

I don't have kids, don't want kids, LOVE KIDS, KIDS LOVEEEEE ME! beautiful creatures in this world! but just cuz I didn't birth a child doesn't mean I don't know common sense. I have lived with kids, babysatt, worked at a school!!! There is some behaviors you don't have to be a genious to get.

I'll always add on lol.

You don't got to be perfect, I'm not perfect, no such creature. just have compassion and respectful of others is what I'm saying about everything.

-I get anxiety sometimes and cringe when like your eating and someone asks you a question and you want to answer them fast but you need to fucken chew before you choke and they say.."huh" or "well" I'm like LET ME FUCKEN CHEW LOL. but they take their time right? ORRRRRRRR They are conversing with you but in every other bite they keep stuffing food into their mouth? sure it's normal but i'm talking bout popping shit into their mouth between very half sentence! wtf is that? I'm like STOP DOING THAT AND PUT A PERIOD ON THE SENTENCE! lol.

ok so lets move on to my favorite "you only date girls? what a waste"

I dont' know how many times I get asked "you only date girls? what man broke your heart"

LOL. or "your to pretty to like girls" wtf. is that? Ok so lets say I'm this gorgeous fucken creature.. that makes me a better a person? really? would that make me a good cook? because I have a gorgeous body that would ensure I'm good at sex? because I have beautiful eyes that would guarantee I'm not into you for your money?

How fucken vain are you? seriously. I chop it up to insecurities. guys will run down the fucken list to convince them self that there has to be *something* on this earth that will satisfy their ego and make the threat less of why me or other females who don't date guys could possibly RESIST OH THE TEMPTATION OF THEIR MANLY HOOD..
GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT FABIO.. oh and showing a girl your penis to a female who like myself thinks it's just hideious.. Nigga.. it's not a magic stick.. looks like a over sized needle.. looks painfull and is just FUGLY OF FUGLY'S.. other chicks who date guys love it..can't get enough of it.. duh thats why dildo's are so handy right?
but for me personally.. not interested. so showing me a pic or describing the inches? gross..
1.who did you dirty?
2.You never had good d*ck you hate your dad? scared? never dated me AHAHAHA down with a 3 some?


YA DIG? lol.

OH and by the way just cuz a girl is beautiful doesn't mean you will treat her like a fucken queen.. even beautiful girls get treated like shit and cheated on. How small your world must be if you assume because someone is attractive that they are somehow perfect?

I NOTE-If you just wanna fuck a bomb ass girl HANDLE THAT SCANDLE by all means.. I know you have to be attracted to someone of course duh!

but my gripe is when I'm constantly questioned why I don't date dudes and they bring my looks involved like.. as if I'm some exception to the rule that I would be treated like a queen..


ok now I think this is seriously gay and not the good gay but just fucken annoying and STUPID.
I'm sure some of you may not like my take on it but oh fucken well..

"hehe" GOD THAT IS ANNOYING! WTF IS hehe like your sitting at your computer saying HEHE are you serious? yes LOL & LMFAO is one thing which I always put cuz sometimes I really am laughing my fat ass off.. but hehe? When girls put it ok whatever blah but when guys do it? GAY GAY GAY .. god that is gay.. I do tell them "hehe" seriously? lol.

or wHeN DeY tYpE LyKe Dizzzzzz b0iiiiiiii. How fucken old are you? that is so stupid.. and if your in your late 20's and older.. time to type like a big person.

I've been on the lovely net for over 10 years, when AOL had like 2.1
the whole "look at my pics tell me what you think" dangerous question cuz I will tell you what I think.. I mean the whole "comment my pics" wow you need that much validation? so I have to leave a forced comment?
sounds mean I know, and hella bitchy but I find it annoying.

I .. Like everybody get invited to places & events.. It's when I get asked like literally the night (sometimes not even day) , or the weekend coming up, or blah blah blah shit like that.. and then when I say AWW I'M SORRY I CAN'T MAKE IT BECAUSE.. GEE OH I DUNNO I ALREADY FUCKEN HAVE PLANS TO DO SOMETHING WITH SOMEONE WHO ACTUALLY INVITED ME IN A TIMELY MATTER AND NOT LAST MINUTE. It never really amazes me the guilt THEY GIVE ME and attitude like YOUR LETTING THEM DOWN.. LIKE YOUR FUCKEN DISSING THEM..

Of course always exceptions to the rule.. could be shit got moved up, or whatever or really is LAST FUCKEN MINUTE.. cool, totally get that duh shit always changes.. but majority it's like come on.. or B-Day Party's... seriously? you gonna invite me the day before? when you been inviting everyone days or weeks? You have been planning this..and you invite me the day before? like uhhhh I just have nothing to do but to sit around and pray I get an invite requesting my attendance? I think not. Mad bitchy huh? Well I get this shit all the time.. especially to shows .. now thats dope they want me to come.. especially hook me up at the door or drinks or whatever, thats mad cool and I totally appreciate that but it's the guilt they give me like "oh you to good" no nigga.. it's cuz I have shit planned and if I don't even know you.. I ain't gonna predict when to keep a day open incase YOUR ASS is playing... ya dig?

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