Monday, December 29, 2008

I am giving Angel Readings

My wonderful and angelic friend Janice =) gave me great gifts/learning tools to help me in my spiritual awakening journey. It's not a money making pyramid, or a scheme or some cult as "spiritual awakening" may come off to those who don't believe or the stereo type with it.

Anywho, She graciously gave me a BEAUTIFUL deck of "Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

These cards are very accurate.. they are absolutely gorgeous. The deck has 44 cards, each card has an angel, below it is a message, each are different. There are 4 "Archangels" -Archangel Gabrielle, Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael & Archangel Uriel.

I will explain what is Oracle Cards, the significance of Archangels, etc..

It comes with a helpful booklet that goes over things from how to do a reading, It shows you "Spreads" for instance if you ask about Money there is an "Abundance Spread" where you can ask anything about this or there are different examples of questions you can ask.. It shows you where exactly to place the number of cards. For this spread there is 7 cards, below the spread is 7 questions, each question is assigned to each card, each card will tell you the message (answer) to that particular question.

You can ask anything you want, the different spreads cover topics like, Healing, Conditions, Money, Soul Mate, What the future holds, including spreads if you want to receive a message from your angels, or deceased loved one, including what angels are guiding you right now.

You can ask anything you desire, there is no wrong way. You don't have to follow the spreads at all, you can simply pull out as many cards as your intuition directs you when to stop, or when you simply want to stop and pull out the cards.

With every Angel, in the book describes their "Additional Message" a good paragraph explaing in greater detail what their message is relaying to you.

I have only been using these cards for about 2 weeks? I have given a couple readings to my friends.. It's very accurate, There has been few times when I particularly don't understand a card or maybe hope for a direct message that will satisfy exactly what I asked, but I'm sure the message and card was picked out to me for a reason.

I don't need to be in the same room with you, I have done some via e-mail, on the phone, over Yahoo Messenger lol. It's all energy and God (whatever god you prefer to pray to and believe in) and the Universe is delivering these messages to you. I like to ask my friends who are having a hard time or stressing over something, to give them comfort from their angels.

It's amazing when some of the cards come through repeatedly, if thats not a message I dunno what it is lol. I shuffle the cards very well.

If you want a reading, Email me or simply hit me up on Myspace , or HipHopGo2Girl on yahoo messenger =)

The definition of Archangels, their meaning, purpose, etc... Click here

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