Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some things in life I have learned

Granted, I am only 26.. god I'm old! Then again.. I'm sure there are countless people and family's who wish they could have seen their loved one reach my age.

There are things that I have learned. I look back at shit and omg I cringe in self embarrassment like the way I use to dress, act, think, did.. lordy. What was I thinking? EVEN things from barely a year ago..

I find myself when speaking to younger teens or whatever all the different things I now know. Many times I have always heard "You will understand when you get older" and that is so true way beyond words.
The catch is.. you have to experience to understand.

I will add on to this blog, because of course I have much more to learn. I now find myself appreciating and understanding, processing what older people tell me or describing about their life and things they have learned. I have a thing now of asking elders what life lessons they have learned, their mistake could save me one. I am finding that in life in general if people are telling you something over and over, be it good or bad, with the exception of course of negative, derogatory, hurtful and cruel shit.. but things in life or situations your in .. things you can't see ..

like not to drive a certain way, or you should get such and such checked out, or when it comes to relationships so many signals, signs, red flags we miss because we are on the inside looking if multiple are telling you for your own good... think about what they are saying.. usually it's the ones on the outside looking.. of course if it's their good intention to look out for you of course is when you should pay attention. However, with everything there's chances what everyone has warned you about could totally be wrong, I'm just saying more times then not. stubbornness is a mofo.

I learned to always go with my gut, if something seems to good to be true or something doesn't seem right.. acknowledge that and don't over look it. be cautious.

I learned how certain dialects people have predict the ending of an argument or discussion.

I learned that sometimes things happen for a reason (vague I know but I find it to be true)

When someone out of no where sends you a negative message trying to push your buttons.. it's usually because they are threatened and thats how they obtain attention. Negative attention is easier to obtain than positive. Lordy it took me a while to learn that especially in what I do.

I learned that the way someone treats others especially people that are weaker then them is the way they will treat you.

I learned you teach people how to treat you

I learned to Never underestimate ANYONE. Never assume you know and think what people will do, react and behave, a little contradicting but Never say Never.

I have learned nothing is "Set in stone" Don't take no for an answer and don't always rely on yes, if your not happy or satisfied with an answer, take it to the highest person in charge when dealing with business's and customer satisfaction.

Anyone is replaceable, Not only Good things to come an end.

one should not be surprised by knowing someones negative continuous behavior, it's not new.

There will always be people trying to tear you down, so appreciate the ones who hold you high.

I personally try not to get my hopes up, about situations or people. I try to always have a Plan B.

nothing is guaranteed always keep your options open.

What you do will come back to you in some way, shape and or form.

Having Money doesn't guarantee you will buy happiness, of course it makes things easier lol.

Money can't buy you health. I know first hand.. doesn't matter how much money you have your health is not always covered with payment. I promise you this.

Compassion is a key to happiness

Saying "Calm down, Relax & Chill" are 3 things you shouldn't say to a woman lol.

however, when in an argument with someone starting sentences or points with "YOU SHOULD DO.. YOU SHOULD OF" or YOU NEED TO that is a start for defensive reaction.. fighting words lol, I personally am trying to take out those words from my vocabulary including always saying YOU YOU YOU

Blood is thicker then water, but water taste better.

It's easier to talk shit, assume or treat someone a certain way.. ignorance is bliss but life and your well being is much more appeasing and attractive when you think about what they go through and went through.. before you assume.

Some people have bad days.. and may not intentionally being rude on purpose.

Not everyone is perfect, so before you criticize someone, think about your choices in life.

One persons trash really is another's treasure

We learn more from our mistakes, then our moments of victory

Honesty isn't always the best policy

-I truly don't buy into that "live everyday as your last" or "I live life to the fullest" maybe some but I don't know really anyone who can live everyday as it would be their last when they work everyday, don't have time to take a shit in peace.. I dunno if thats exactly what they would do that lol...

I learned that even the most annoying fucking cringing shit some of my close friends or people do.. One day I will miss it god forbid if they leave this earth.. so I guess even if it's annoying one day you may wish to give anything for that....

I have learned the hard way not to jump to conclusions.. think before I speak!

I am now trying to not say anything if I have nothing NICE to say.

To be continued!

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