Wednesday, December 2, 2009

101 Things to be Thankful For

Hi Guys!

While I am trying to set up the subcriber thingy to my website, I am letting you know I posted a new blog on 101 things to be Thankful for everyday

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

If you subscribe or follow my blogs...

Guess what!


Also, I am starting to finally get my own website up and running!

It's taken me months, I've always been told I should have my own website, but thought it would be to complicated, thanks to my friend Demics, he showed me how easy it is.

Thank god for WordPress Themes, FREE one's at that LOL.

I love my blogspot, but now I will be blogging and posting all kinds of stuff on my site.

Not totally finished, so don't expect to much as of yet.

I will still post blogs on here, but primarily I will blog on my site =)

I am trying to set up the subscriber thingy on there, not sure if it will take.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Angel Card Readings F.A.Q's

I love that so many people have come to me for Angel Card Readings. It was passed to me from my Spiritual Mentor Janice. I started doing them about a year ago and have loved the way it's helped people.

I put together a list of F.A.Q's to help answer everyones most asked questions about the readings.

What is an Angel Card Reading?

It's like a Tarot card Reading, except I use Angel Oracle Cards, it's a Deck of 44 Cards by Doreen Virture, each card has an Angel with a specific message. Anything you ask, the Angels will come through in the cards.

How do I get one?

Contact me via Email or through my Twitter/Myspace/Facebook.

What if I live out of state?

I do them via E-mail or through Instant Messengers like Aim, Yahoo, Gmail.

What info do you need from me?

I just need to know what you want to ask your Angels. I need you to let me know when you have some time so we can do the reading.

How do I know its my Angels?

We all have Angels, Spirit Guides, etc. They are always around us, ask and they will answer.

What if I don't believe in Angels?

That's your choice. If you chose to get a Reading, open your heart mind and soul to what the Angels will grace you with. Don't set yourself up to fail.

Is a card reading the only way to communicate with my Angels?

No, we are all Energy filled beings, just like with God and The Universe, You can speak to your Angels anytime, anywhere. The reason they come through in the Cards is because majority of people don't know how to receive, look for or even acknowledge messages, These card readings make it very easy to communicate with them.

How much is a reading?

I don't charge for a reading, I don't mind receiving donations for extensive reading requests, as it can be time consuming.

What is a reading like?

It's very positive and uplifting. Your Angels are here to help you and guide you, you will never receive a negative reading.

Can I ask anything?


How many questions can I ask?

Due to the over whelming response, I don't mind answering up to 3 questions.

How will the Angels know what cards to pick/come through

Every reading is Accurate. I will ask you to mentally or silently ask your Angels to pick cards that will answer the question you have in mind. I will shuffle the cards, then ask you to let me know when to stop, the cards I pull out are the ones meant to answer your question.

Where can I get the Deck?

You can get them at or online.

Why do you give Readings?

I love communicating with my Angels, they have always answered my prayers. I love giving readings because I understand the spiritual world and I love helping people connect with their Angels. In all honesty, I love the way it makes the person I'm doing the reading for feel, the readings I have given people have helped everyone for the better.

Is this like Black Magic and Bad Spirits?

No. I don't dabble in that. Angels are from God, there is nothing negative when you communicate with Angels, 100% pure Love.

After the Reading what can I expect?


How accurate is the Reading?

100% Accurate.

What if I get cards that have nothing to do with what I asked?

It's very important to know the Angels will use this communication tool of the reading to give you answers, insight and specific messages you haven't asked for, The reason for this is, they are trying to tell you something, so if you get disappointed in a certain card or reading that had nothing to do with what you specifically answered, Please understand it can be regarding something else that they are trying to tell you.

What if I don't know what to ask?

You can always ask your Angels what they would like you to know

What if I don't know who are my Angels or Spirit Guides?

You can always ask in the Reading

Can my deceased loved one/s come through

Of course.

How long does an Angel Reading take?

anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

If you love the card readings, I personally suggest 1 of my favorite books, "Messages From Your Angels" by Doreen Virtue. This is the book where the Angel Card Readings come from.

It has helped shaped my spiritual beliefs and I think everyone and anyone should read it, It has changed my life for the better. I blogged about this book and my personal experience that Angels exist..

Here is a excert of my experience while reading this book

"I'm almost done with reading the book "Messages From Your Angels". I had bookmarked from where I left off yesterday I opened it today and I just happened to re-read where I left off. I wasn't going to initially but it was on the top of the page...and it read: "Seeing Signs; Finding a feather, a coin, a stopped clock, moved objects in your home, lights flickering , or other visual oddities let you know that an angel is saying "Hello, I'm here" to you. As I read "Feathers" I thought feathers? I knew I wouldn't have any in the house we are very anti-fur and or animal skin. Only thing that would have feathers would be from my pillow I bought years ago....

So as I read that I looked saw like what looked like a little thing of white lint sticking out of the prior pages that are clumped together (I am towards the end of the book)
And sure enough it was a Feather!!!!!!!!!

How trippy is that right?

I took a pic of the Feather!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Internally Bleeding

Just wanted to share this verse from Immortal Technique's song "Internally Bleeding" Revolutionary Vol 2.

This is to me the definition of what Depression feels like for me.

Internally bleeding, cold blooded
Stripped of emotion, I go through the motions, but there's no
Life in my eyes, it's like I'm hooked up to a respirator
Waiting to die, hooked up to the fucking chair
Waiting to fry, sooth an electrocution currently used
In my execution, producing thoughts at the speed of light
Burning confusion, I'm loosing my sight, breathing is tight
The evening is white, I made my peace with the Lord and now I
Stand on his right..

Death is a another part of life..
These are my last words, I'm having difficultly breathing
Dying on the inside, internally bleeding
Angel of death dragging me away while I'm sleeping
Watching my world crumble in front of me, searching for meaning
These are my last words, I'm having difficultly breathing
Dying on the inside, internally bleeding
Angel of death dragging me away while I'm sleeping
Watching my world crumble in front of me, searching for meaning

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crimes of The Heart

"Crimes of The Heart" Yes another Immortal Technique song. (Off his latest "THE 3RD WORLD" In stores now".

On some serious shit I relate to alot of his music, as the rest of the world does. I wrote a blog before of songs that helped me get over my ex, but here's one I've been meaning to put up.

Getting over someone isn't easy and I thought I would never, still wondering if I can truely 100% get over this person. It's been over for a long time but feelings haven't ended that easy or I should say the hurt, it's gotten easier though. still waiting for the gauge in my heart and soul to reach the full 100% mark.

I put all of the lrycis but the ones in bold and italics is what I relate to the most.

Yea I turned 21 in prison locked up at night
Now I walk around free seems like another life
Another roll with some other dice
Another ho or a loving wife
People come and go some really you never know
Intellectual midgets that really never grow
Fake love that holds on like"can I hold you though?"
And old friends will look at you like "yo, yea I told you so"
A toast to the broken hearted
Who never finished what they fuckin started
People who go out and try to be a rebel at night
Try to make up for the fact that they settled in life
It's like a fight between the devil & Christ over the limelight
Spiritual celebrity poker
But the whole deck is full of jokers
And every year that you get older
The stakes get higher
Gambling with a bunch of fakes and liars
Real talk 'cause the real New York
Is the pain and the suffering of lost love
Staring off into the distance in the midst of the club
Depression and emptiness that lead to suicide
And the struggle inside of yourself that keeps you alive
Survived and medicated stalked by sobriety
The life that you live now tortured by memories violently
I pray inside of me that one day you could be forgiven
For murdering the beautiful world we used to live in

Love...doesn't need a complicated metaphor
And sometimes nothing needs to be said at all
Sometimes a person you with is not your one and only
And you just fuck with them because you afraid to be lonely
And when you come back its too late
So you overcompensate
Like victims of rape
Full of self hate

Lost in the affection to strangers around you

Instead of the only person that ever gave a fuck about you
Thought you were happy so you didn't come check me
But then when *she cheated or treated you incorrectly
You conveniently realized you could never forget me
And tried to crawl back in my life unexpectedly

These are my indictments
Of those who claim to be righteous
And leave a trail of broken hearts on their way to enlightenment
But I cant give into hatred or pass judgment
Even towards every illusion I've been in love with
'cause the heart that betrays itself willingly
Is like a nation that trades freedom for stability

Its so seductive to be cold and corrupted and isolated and try to be an independent republic
But liberty to be loved on the surface is worthless
The sacrifice of revolution with no purpose
Take it from a criminal searching for his redemption
Cursing at God desperately trying to get his attention

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wildfire help!

My heart breaks every time I see the fires. I was driving on the freeway Saturday Night and saw a raging fire at the very top of the mountain. It looked something out of a crazy horror movie. The helicopters were like little tiny bugs fluttering francticaly around the huge rawring blaze, it looked scary, it felt scary and it smelled terrifing. All I could think of was the poor animals who have no where to go, they are so high up not even people can live.

I can't just sit and watch on T.V, I HAVE to be up close and personal, I NEED to be right there assistaing who ever I can help. I don't just want to drop shit off, I HAVE TO AND I NEED TO be in the mix, I have the luxory of working from home and on my time, I want to spend my days and nights helping these people, the animals and the fire fighters trying to end the fires.

When I am passionate about something I need to be hands on.

I seriously get teary eyed because I think of all the animals who have lost their home, Yes PEOPLE also lost their homes and that has to be absolutely
devastating, however, animals can not simply stay with friends, rent an apartment or borrow food from a neighbor. Their ONLY salvation is US.

My mom has been a member of the Red Cross before I was a twinkle in her eye. I grew always being prepared for any emergency including earthquakes.

I think that's why it's so important to me that those in need get helped.

I don't think it's a coincidence
I'm in promoting/marketing, getting the word out, that's how I make my money, it's my job. but right now I am so blessed and grateful that I have this knowledge in exact times like this. I have access to literally THOUSANDS of people, majority of people who just watch the fires going on in the news but probably succumb to their own problems they don't think they can help, not that they don't want to .. but just don't know how or may think what little they have to offer is not enough...

a Blanket can do wonders, a Tooth Brush or even a granola bar can make someones day. Especially if they are left with what is on their back.

This isn't a community fire, this is a wild fire, this is something so massive. These poor Animals just lost their home, they are living breathing things and NOW have NO WHERE to go. It's bad enough us greedy fucking humans keep plowing and building more and more into their homes, to where if they go a little further down the hills they get killed.

Isn't life hard enough to survive in the wilderness? and now all these beautiful trees and plants have died?

they are BURNED. ASHES. it will take months if not YEARS, and especially in Cali where we don't really have seasons, these poor creatures both big and small, animal and humans, mother nature and earth as one will have to start all over again, and in today's way of life it's not easy.

I'm not just a Animal Activist, I am a person who will always help out any other person, animal and the Mother Earth.

There are times like right now where the Animals need our help even more, not to where they are more important ( even though I personally think they are) but it's just a act of compassion.

so before I start getting hate mail for me caring more about an animal then a person, do me a favor, show me what you have done for your neighbor.. where do you volunteer? what human organizations are you involved with? giving a dollar to someone standing outside the market isn't what I will accept.

anywho, being frustrated with not enough adequate information to help everyone affected, I have taken it upon my own to contact those organizations, preferably the smaller ones, as I gather info from them I will be giving out the more known and trusted.

Many Many ways!

-Blankets both heavy and light sheets, pillows, anything bedding!
-Tooth Brushes, Razors, Shampoo/Conditioner, Soaps, etc

Think of things you use everyday and that should help you narrow it down.


HIT THE 99 CENT STORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO! Contact the fire stations, drop off food and water, cards, etc These Fire Fighters need our help as well and our APPRECIATION FOR WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

The American Red Cross - Greater Los Angeles Chapter, in conjunction with Goodwill Southern California, are accepting donations for wildfire victims.

Donations can be both monetary (money), as well as clothes and items for the home.

Contact the American Red Cross at (310) 445-2685

To donate money or supplies to The Red Cross Please READ the official website ~!> RED CROSS

Visit Goodwill online HERE or call (888) 4-GOODWILL for more information on how to donate.

For Animals there are many that need your help!

Please GOOGLE animal shelters in your area if your near the fires, they will have info on where to drop off blankets, food, waters, toys, etc!

Please visit The Pasadena Human Society ~!> HERE

I LOVE THIS SITE- Gives you listings of every wildlife shelter and specific info on the various animals they take in, including phone numbers! PLEASE LOOK! ~!> HERE

Please don't let this be something you do in an emergency but rather something you do as part of your daily life. Even if you can't give money, it's your time that is more valuable. There is always a need to help people, animals and the Earth.

We are ALL ONE.


Monday, August 10, 2009

My 27th Birthday Party Info (8/21/09)

I turn 27 in about 2 weeks. WOW. 27. ay dios!

I didn't celebrate last year, I don't regret it but now I want to.

I want to celebrate it at a dope spot that plays THE REAL HIP HOP shit, Reggae, etc. Nice cool spot, no trendy shit.

Thanks to my friend Ricky, I will be celebrating at The Mountain Bar in Downtown L.A, China Town district.

On my actual Birthday!

It's very low key, I wanted to make sure there wasn't a cover charge. I don't want people spending more money then they already have to everyday in today's society.

21 and over - There is NO Cover Charge

No Dress code, however, No Shorts on Guys. Hats, Jerseys, all O-TAY!

Actual Info:

For: Alexis aka LatinaBeatz 27th Birthday

Date: Friday, August 21st 2009

Time: I would say from 10pm and on. I am told Early Arrival Suggested. It gets packed.

Where: The Mountain Bar
475 Gin Ling Way
Los Angeles, CA 90012 (China Town)

Any questions feel free to email me directly

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joss Stone-Lauryn Hill-MUSIC-SO DOPE!

I LOVE Joss Stone. Love Love Love her. For her being from the UK and in her early 20's, she has this rare soul voice I love. She's total funk but also R&B

When I heard Lauryn Hill (1 of my ALL TIME FAVS) did a track with her, I WAS SHOCKED!

Not only is this BEAT hard as hell, Joss Stone's Lryics speak to music lovers everywhere

It's like a love song to Music.

I posted the Lryics below the video.


Nothing in this world got me like you do baby
I'd give up my soul
If I couldn't sing with you daily
I'm not the only girl
In love with you it's crazy
I appreciate your groove
Now I know I owe everything to you

I'm so in love with my music
The way you keep me
Ain't nobody doing what you're doing
Doing, doing
So bring me back to the day
When tape decks press play
DJ drop the needle til the
Record just break
You are my sunlight
You are the one mic
That sound so sweet because the beat just inspires me

No limit to your mind
Your endless love is open
To every race and kind
Could it be your blood runs golden
Baby if this world were mine
We would be singing in the Key of Life
When you're gone I can't survive
Cause I just can't be without my

I'm so in love with my music
The way you keep me
Ain't nobody doing what you're doing
Doing, doing
So bring me back to the day
When tape decks press play
DJ drop the needle til the
Record just break
You are my sunlight
You are the one mic
That sound so sweet because the beat just inspires me

Colours of sound
Scales and beauty
Audio scenery
Electric love and
Rhythmic symmetry
Written in memory
Beautifully crafted scenery
Complex or simplicity
Sonic energy
Piercing insensitivity
Sympathetic poetry
For some even identity
Collective entity
Something to belong to
A source of energy
The possibilities
Wave lengths and bandwith
Higher vibration
Energizing entire lands with
Or stand for
Lovers to walk hand in hand with
then plan for
Sanctuary chords
Harmony, melodies, even riffs can be
Disguised human essence
Sonically bottled ecstasy
Or melancholy
Agony blues angst
Exercising anxieties
Fueling entire societies
Making economies
Stimulating generating
Inspiration synonymously
Entertaining expression
Intangible invisible but undeniable
Plays the language of excitement on survival
Some call it tribal
But perspective is everything
Connected to everything
Some say collectively everything

I'm so in love with my music
The way you keep me
Ain't nobody doing what you're doing
Doing, doing
So bring me back to the day
When tape decks press play
DJ drop the needle til the
Record just break
You are my sunlight
You are the one mic
That sound so sweet because the beat just inspires me

"The Roof" Remix Mariah Carey Ft. Mobb Deep -MY FAV!

I've always been a fan of Mariah, No one can sing like her. I respect the fact that unlike other Pop superstars who use Hip Hop classics without giving any credit, Mariah Does, She's done tracks with everyone from Jay-Z to ODB(Wu-Tang) R.I.P.

I remember I was in high school back in 97 when her "Butterfly" album came out, 1 of my fav albums of hers personally.

Last night I was youtube and came across one of her videos. I went online to look at her discography and played of "The Roof" from Butterfly , I remember digging that song but for some reason now I'm stuck on it.. "Shook Ones" is a Hip Hop classic, it's a staple.. mando in any collection.

So the fact she did a remix to "Shook Ones pt 2" by making "The Roof" with MOBB DEEP makes it that more dope to me.

Anywho, I didn't know she made a video with them! Thanks YOUTUBE! lol

Saturday, August 8, 2009

7 Bad eating habits

Lose Weight Permanently - Avoid These 7 Bad Eating Habits

Tuesday, July 28, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
binge-eatingAre you trying to lose weight permenantly? See if any of these 7 bad eating habits are sabotaging your natural healthy diet.

1. Skipping Meals

Skipping meals robs your body of the regular nutrition it requires to operate at peak efficiency. Studies show that frequent meal skippers retain more fat than participants who eat at least every 4 to 5 hours.

Why do you skip meals? Do you run out of time? Carry healthy snacks like Clif Bars, fresh fruit, and nuts for emergencies. Do you skip breakfast? Eating a healthy breakfast is critical to jump start your metabolism and prevent overeating later in the day.

2. Eating Out Often

If you hate to cook or have to travel frequently, then eating out is a way of life. Restaurant meals and fast food tend to be loaded with fat and salt and skimpy on fruits and vegetables.

Try to make at least a few healthy meals a week at home. Here are some quick and easy recipes for a whole food, plant-based diet:

Choose the right restaurant and order carefully. Here are some suggestions for healthy dining out on a vegan diet:

3. Late Night Snacking

This is one bad habit that you just need to go cold turkey and ditch. Resolve not to eat after dinner and stick to it. First throw out or give away all the foods that you tend to snack on late at night. Then vary your after-dinner routine. The first couple days will be the most challenging, but then you will get used to it.

4. Constant Grazing

Healthy snacks a couple of times a day will help prevent overeating and control hunger. However, if you find yourself eating continually throughout the day then you are likely consuming too many calories no matter what you're eating.

Stick to one or two snacks a day and make sure to control portions. Here's a recent blog post on healthy snacking to guide you:

5. Portion Non-control

Maybe you have resolved to follow a healthy living diet but you are still overweight. Be honest with yourself about the size of your meals and snacks. Are you supersizing your way to fat?

Don't fall into old traps like thinking you need to "clean your plate" or wanting to polish off food to avoid leftovers. Avoid mindless eating by turning off the TV and eating slowly.

6. Being Too Perfect then Binge Eating

Are you the type who follows a strict diet then loses control and overeats? Binge eating can be caused by being too restrictive. We crave what we can't have. Allow yourself small doses of healthy indulgences once in a while to avoid eating an entire pint of ice cream or bag of chips.

Here are some healthy dessert recipes if your relentless sweet tooth is wreaking havoc on your healthy lifestyle diet:

7. Skimping on Fruits and Vegetables

The best way to lose weight for life without hunger is to adopt a whole food, plant-based diet. You can never go wrong eating mostly fruits and vegetables. Eat a big salad every day. A high fiber diet of mostly fruits and vegetables will result in permanent weight loss and vibrant health.

If you have more than one of these bad eating habits don't make the mistake of trying to tackle them all at once. Choose one to focus on for two or three weeks then move on to the next one.

Bad habits are never easy to break, but with commitment and focus you can maintain a healthy weight.

6 simple lifestyle changes to lose weight!

Lose Weight Permanently with 6 Simple Lifestyle Changes

Friday, July 24, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
healthy-breakfastWe are bombarded with so much information on how to lose weight for life it's difficult to know where to start and who to believe. Permanent weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. Here are 6 simple changes to lose weight permanently:

1. Eat breakfast

The evidence is overwhelming that people who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to be overweight. Once you develop the breakfast habit you will be amazed at how much more energy you have.

Eating a healthy breakfast prevents overeating and unhealthy food choices later in the day. What should you eat? Choose high fiber, low sugar breakfast cereals with soy milk or rice milk with fresh fruit, oatmeal with sliced bananas or blueberries, or a Clif Bar if you're in a hurry.

Here are some healthy breakfast recipes for those mornings when you have time to make something special

2. Move More

If you haven't been exercising at all, start by walking 15 minutes a day. Build that up to 45 minutes a day and the pounds will drop off.

If you're already a regular exerciser, then change up your routine, add weight training, yoga, or high intensity cardio to your workouts to jump start fat burning and boost your metabolism.

3. Purge Your Space

There is a profound connection between clutter and fat. Set aside an hour or two every weekend to tackle your extra "stuff". Clear out a drawer or closet at a time.

Purge your space, especially your kitchen, to make room to prepare healthy meals, discard processed foods, and free up space for fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.

4. Eat a Salad Every Day

Salads will fill you up with healthy greens and raw fruits and vegetables. Salads don't have to be boring and they are a staple of every healthy weight loss program. Check out this blog post on healthy ways to jazz up your salads:

5. Sleep More

That's right sleeping more will help you lose weight permanently. There are other health benefits as well. Check out this blog post on 5 reasons to sleep more

6. Eat Healthy Snacks

Choose healthy snacks to keep your metabolism stoked, your energy level high, and avoid overeating due to hunger. Your body burns calories and operates most efficiently when it has regular nourishment every 4 hours or so. Be prepared-keep emergency stashes of healthy nuts, Clif Bars, and fresh fruit available.

A healthy lifestyle should include regular snacks that are packed with high quality protein, fiber, and nutrients. Here’s a blog post that discusses healthy snacks:

Don't be among the 95% of dieters who fail to lose weight permanently. Make sensible healthy lifestyle changes that stick and you'll lose weight for life.

Purify your body-5 Summer Foods

Purify Your Body With These 5 Summer Foods

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
tomatoesA whole food, plant-based diet will purify your body naturally. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water is the best way to detox.

The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in summer makes it easier to purify your body. High water content, abundant vitamins and minerals, and plenty of fiber combine to make eating these fresh summer foods a smart choice.

Want to be slimmer and healthier? Consume lots of these 5 delicious summer foods.

1. Blueberries

Blueberries are nature's candy, sweet and delicious. They're also packed with anti-oxidants and fiber to naturally cleanse your digestive system and even prevent cancer. Use generous amounts of blueberries on cereal, fruit salads, and right out of the carton as a perfect snack.

2. Tomatoes

Bright red tomatoes are at their peak in summer. Tomatoes are a versatile fruit that purify your body with vitamin C, fiber, and anti-oxidants. I grew up eating tomato, cucumber, and onion salads made from the vegetables in our garden. Add a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar for a healthy side dish.

3. Watermelon

What's better than a sweet, cool, crunchy piece of watermelon on a hot summer day? Watermelon is one treat that you don't have to feel guilty about. Health benefits include generous amounts of vitamin C and anti-oxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene.

4. Peaches

A medium peach has only 35 calories. Peaches are high in vitamin C, iron, and potassium, and also contain the phytonutrients lycopene and lutein. A ripe peach is 80% water, so eating fresh peaches is a natural lose weight flush.

5. Summer Squash (aka Zucchini)

Summer squash is a versatile vegetable with only 18 calories per half cup serving. Summer squash has plenty of fiber, vitamin C, folate, and beta-carotene. As a bonus, the nutrients in summer squash have been associated with reducing inflammation.

Get Inspired by others

Lose Weight Permanently - Get Inspired by Others

Thursday, July 16, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
ripped-absThe internet has some awesome lose weight resources. I admit it - today I have a bit of writers' block. I've read a lot of excellent articles the past couple of days and nothing I've tried to write has measured up.

So today I'm taking the easy way out. I'm going to share some inspiring articles about people who've conquered their eating issues and achieved vibrant health.

Here’s a story about a man who lost over 400 pounds by adopting healthy habits little by little. He rejected the easy ways out like weight loss surgery. Wow if he can lose 400 pounds, surely we can all be patient enough with healthy lifestyle change to reach our goals!

Here's a great Zen Habits post on 3 simple ways to help the environment and get fit at the same time.

If you think vegan food is boring, here's an enlightening article on cooking gourmet vegetarian food…and I'm not even much of a cook!

Here's a mother who lost 3 stone (that's 42 pounds) because she didn't want to pass on her bad habits to her kids. Remember those commercials in the 70s that showed a young boy copying his father's smoking habit? What message is unhealthy eating and lack of exercise sending to our children?

I also have to share a new blog I found this week by Susan Bodendorfer. Her situation is so similar to mine it's almost scary. She also has an auto-immune disease and found that a whole food, plant-based diet improved her condition dramatically and also helped her lose weight. Check it out:

Which lose weight resources on the web inspire you?

10 ways to Conquer Emotional Eating

Conquer Emotional Eating - 10 Strategies

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
husky-puppyEmotional eating leads to guilt, which leads to more emotional eating. To succeed at losing weight permanently you need to get control of emotional eating. Try these 10 substitute behaviors to improve your self-esteem and stop the destructive cycle.

1. Exercise - Emotional eating is often caused by stress. Exercising reduces stress and releases "feel good" endorphins. People who exercise regularly tend to crave healthy, natural foods. Vigorous exercise is the most effective, but even a walk around the block can help keep problems in perspective.

2. Reach Out To a Friend
- Healthy lifestyle change requires a support system. Share your health and weight loss goals with a good friend. Arrange to call her when you are tempted to binge.

3. Have a Good Laugh - Watch a comedy or surf YouTube for funny videos. Laughter reduces stress and burns calories too. Just don't snack while you watch!

4. Purge Your Space
, Especially Your Kitchen - You are not likely to binge on healthy food, so make it tough to give in to your cravings by getting rid of all the junk food. Replace the unhealthy food with fresh fruits and vegetables. It's unlikely you'll sabotage your healthy weight loss plan by pigging out on apples or celery!

5. Take a Nap
- Lack of sleep lowers our defenses and makes it more difficult to cope with stress and challenges. Often we think we're hungry when we're really eating to combat fatigue. If you can't get the 7 or 8 hours of sleep you need, then take a nap.

6. Interact With Your Pet - Our pets never judge us and they are always there for us. They also need us. So the next time you are tempted to succumb to your unhealthy cravings, play with your cat or take your dog for a walk.

7. Clean Out a Closet
- Studies show that you are more likely to be overweight if your house is a mess. There is a clear connection between clutter and fat. Purge your space and declutter to feel better and forget about your cravings.

8. Find an Online Buddy - If it's late at night you may be reluctant to reach out to a friend, so why not troll the countless online support forums for a supportive buddy? Even reading diet success stories or hearing about other people's similar struggles can make you feel strong enough to avoid destructive behavior. Don't go it alone - often the root of emotional eating is loneliness, so reaching out to someone who cares can squelch the cravings.

9. Volunteer - Helping someone else in need pumps up your self-esteem and gives you purpose. Why not help coach your kids' soccer team or walk dogs at the local humane society? Give back even from the comfort of your computer by visiting a site like that feeds the hungry while you improve your vocabulary.

10. Write in Your Gratitude Journal
- Writing down what you are thankful for puts the negative things in perspective. Acknowledging the blessings in your life makes the setbacks seem less daunting. Focus on what's good in your life and you will be less likely to binge on unhealthy food.

Emotional eating prevents many from permanent weight loss. Substitute positive activities to keep from binging.

Which strategies work for you?

Top 5 Changes for Permanent Weight loss

Lose Weight Permanently - Top 5 Changes You Need to Make

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 by Diane Gilabert
Did you know that 95% of dieters fail to lose weight permanently? Pretty daunting huh?

I'm not trying to give you an excuse to abandon your health and weight loss goals. A little education can help you succeed at permanent weight loss. The top 5 changes you need to make may surprise you.

1. Commit to Permanent Lifestyle Changes

Stop thinking about weight loss as a diet that you will go off of once you have lost the weight. Diets aren't sustainable because inevitably the weight creeps back when people return to their pre-diet unhealthy eating habits.

Successful weight loss means making a commitment to adopting a healthy lifestyle. That doesn't mean perfection. Follow the 90/10 rule and exercise regularly, and you will keep the weight off.

2. Get Educated About Healthy Food Choices

Rigid diets that require you to eat only cabbage soup for days or drink shakes instead of meals don't teach you how to make healthy food choices. The same goes for Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig where you get prepackaged meals delivered. Sure those programs would love for you to stay on them forever!

Successful dieters educate themselves about what to eat and how to eat to stay slim and healthy for life. Don't listen to the marketing claims of food conglomerates or supplement peddlers. Here are some lose weight resources that cut through the hype

3. Scare Yourself About the Risks of Being Overweight

On July 7 ABC Evening News had a segment called "What Exactly Does a 6,190 Calorie Lunch Do To Your Body?" I promise you'll be scared after this 2 and a half minute video.

The risk of developing diseases such as heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes can be significantly reduced by maintaining a healthy weight and moderate exercise.

Sure heredity plays a role. But don't be conned into believing there's nothing you can do - on the contrary, eating healthy and exercising regularly will profoundly impact your quality of life.

Do you want to dance at your grandkids' weddings? Enjoy the retirement you've worked so hard for? Then commit to healthy weight loss.

4. Adopt a Whole Food, Plant-based Diet

What's the healthiest diet? A vegan diet, with maybe a serving of fish high in Omega-3s once or twice a week. But of course that doesn't sell weight loss products or diet books, so it's almost impossible to learn that fact. Be skeptical when you hear claims that sound too good to be true. Think about the motivation behind them.

Even the nutrition experts who disagree on everything else agree that we would all be healthier if we consumed "mostly plants". (Check out In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan for the source on this

5. Don't Put Off Making Changes

Don't practice "all or nothing behavior" or put off making healthy lifestyle changes until conditions are perfect. Start today, right now with your next meal.

How many times have you eaten something "forbidden" and then binged the rest of the day, justifying it by saying to yourself that you already blew it so you'll start again tomorrow.

Or you look ahead and see your cousin's wedding, a family reunion, the holidays, whatever and you think "I can't possibly eat healthy tomorrow, this week, this month, or during the holidays". Before you know it, you've gained another 10 pounds and you're no closer to getting started.

Don't fall in to that trap. Every meal and snack is an opportunity to fill your body with healthy, wholesome food. Don't feel guilty. Just eat healthy 90% of the time and you'll reach your goal.

10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

10 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Friday, July 31, 2009 by Diane Gilabert

uncle sam posterWant to lose weight permanently? It's all about lifestyle change. Diets don't work. Adopt healthy eating and exercise habits for life and you will be slim forever.

Here are 10 healthy weight loss tips to help you lose weight for life:

1. Make your mantra "stay as close to nature as possible". Avoid processed foods. Choose packaged foods with the fewest ingredients, and only ones that you recognize.

2. Successful weight loss doesn't mean eating LESS, it means eating DIFFERENTLY. Instead of going hungry, cut down on calorie-dense foods (fatty-sugary foods) and eat more lower-calorie or lighter foods, especially those rich in dietary fiber.

3. Get support. Don't go it alone, whether it's a friend, family member, or an on-line buddy. Even visiting support forums on dieting websites can help you resist binging.

4. Cut calories easily by eating foods with a higher liquid content and less density like fruits and vegetables. Less dense foods naturally have fewer calories and will keep you satisfied longer.

5. High fiber foods are best. You'll feel more satisfied with fewer calories, your digestion will improve, and you will have a better chance of avoiding diseases like cancer, heart disease, and strokes. Learn more about the benefits of a high fiber diet in this article

6. Minimize sugar (read labels - it's in everything). The more sugar you eat, the more difficult it will be to lose weight. Sugar spikes your blood glucose levels which makes you hungry soon after eating and keeps you from burning stored fat.

7. Get enough sleep. Adequate, restful sleep is critical for maintaining a healthy weight. Here's one article that discusses a recent study on weight loss and sleep

8. Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Don't postpone healthy eating until "after the holidays" or "I'll start on Monday". Every meal is another opportunity to improve your health and work toward your weight loss goals. Here's an article on 10 Bogus Weight Loss Excuses and how to beat them

9. Put your goals in positive terms like "I will eat a salad every day" or "I will walk at least 30 minutes every day". Healthy lifestyle change requires a positive attitude!

10. Eat a healthy breakfast. Breakfast kick starts your metabolism and provides energy for your morning. Choose fresh fruit and whole grain cereal or oatmeal, or a soy yogurt. Want to know the best 6 breakfast cereals for weight loss? Check out this article

What are your favorite healthy weight loss tips?

3 low cal *Vegan* summer dinners

*I did not write this, I copied this from my favorite site "Lose Weight For life"

Summer is the ideal season to adopt a healthy living diet. The heat takes the edge off your appetite. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant. And motivation is high when we’re wearing shorts and bathing suits.

Probably the most common question I get is “so what do vegans eat anyway?” Example meal plans for weight loss often convince people wanting to adopt a healthy living diet that it’s doable.

Here are 3 suggestions for healthy, low calorie dinners that are perfect for summer.

Vegetable stir-fry, Brown Rice, Blueberry Sorbet

Here’s the basic recipe for vegetable stir-fry. Substitute summer squash and halved cherry tomatoes for some of the other vegetables, or whatever your local farmers’ market is featuring.

Serve the stir-fry with wholesome, high-fiber brown rice for a filling, healthy dinner.

Blueberries are in season in summer. Freeze some blueberries for an hour in a plastic freezer bag and then make this vegan sorbet A no guilt, icy dessert!

Vegan Lettuce Wraps, Chickpea Spinach Salad, Fruit Salad

Vegan Lettuce Wraps and Chickpea Spinach Salad are awesome paired together and there’s very little cooking. Perfect for hot summer days.

Why not make a generous fruit salad with watermelon, strawberries, peaches, plums, and green grapes? If you’re in a hurry you can even cheat and pick up pre-cut melon at the grocery store to speed up preparation. Sprinkle in a little stevia for extra sweetness, and add some chopped walnuts for crunch.

Vegan Barbecue, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Coleslaw, Ambrosia

Who says grills are only for meat? Make a healthy vegan barbecue!

Start with skewers of vegetables like pieces of summer squash, chunks of onion, slices of red and green bell peppers, and large mushrooms. Make a glaze of olive oil, minced garlic, and sea salt to brush on during grilling.

grilled-corn-on-the-cobCorn on the cob is awesome on the grill. First remove loose husks and silk. Then soak the ears in water for about 15 minutes. Pour out the excess water. Place the ears of corn on the grill.

If you’re using a gas grill, use medium-high heat and turn the corn every 5 minutes (be sure to use tongs!).

If you’re grilling on an old-fashioned smokey joe with a cover, turn them every 15 minutes. The corn steams inside the husks in 30-45 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when it looks like the picture at the left.

Remove from the grill. Peel off the husks under warm running water. Serve with Earth Balance Buttery Spread (vegan), sea salt, and pepper.

This coleslaw is the perfect crisp, cool side dish for your barbecue Or you can serve a large green salad with fresh tomatoes, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and red onions.

This Vegan Ambrosia is a tangy, juicy dessert you can make ahead of time.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Pa'que tu lo sepas

Love Lucy. I really do!

I Love Selena R.I.P. I have so much memorabilia of hers.

I Have been Thalia's biggest fan since I was 14, She is an Idol to me.

I listen to Alicia Villarreal almost everyday. I will always sing her songs in the car by myself.

If I could be anything in life, I would be a Pro Boxer or a Mariachi Singer. Don't ask me to sing, don't torture your ears.

I LOVE DC Shoes. The only Flats I wear.

I have a fetish for Stilettos 5inches and taller.

I am an only child.

Alot of people will buy things or check out what I put, I make sure what I recommend is always positive and helpful.

I am aware of my status both high and average on this earth.

I cry if I step on a snail.

I rather a human hurt than ANY animal.

I will always defend anyone getting picked on or taken advantage of.

I will shop at 99 cent store before I shop anywhere else.

I love jewelry, I don't have much but I love what I have and from whom.

Peace is watching my cats sleep in the funkiest positions.

I don't like when people yell. Unless it's me yelling. lol.

I have A.D.D.

Food is my addiction and disorder.

My all time favs are Teena Marie & Sade. The Best.

I am a certified Bartender, but my personal drinking limit is 3 Smirnoff's. My body doesn't fancy liquor or Tequila.

My fav mixed drink ever is "Alabama Slammer" when made right, of course.

Aquafina is my favorite water ever, & Dr. Pepper is my fav poison!

I get excited over simple stuff, Nail Polish, Body Scrubs, New Vegan recipes, Books!

I hold grudges.

I dislike Scary movies and flying beetles/bumble bees.

Contrary to popular belief being with girls is harder than being with guys.

Scents drive me crazy = Eternity & Victoria Secret "Very Sexy For Her"

The universe disables me from being vindictive, malicious and back stabbing. However, it blessed me with standing up for myself. I don't do shit to hurt people or get people back, I leave that to Karma.

I rarely give anyone a romantic chance. ever.

I don't like games, I don't tolerate them and I'm smarter and observant than I will ever will let on.

My favorite color ever is Red. It's Bold, Strong and Intense, not everyone can handle it or wear it. I don't fit that strong of a description personally but I definitely am attracted to the color.

I have a conscious and I feel guilt and remourse, Seems like that's non existent with society today

I am on medication for depression, I never hide it because I know others who don't know how to get help, and I've helped many, but like everything else in my being I don't fit the typical stereo-typical mold of anything or what you may expect. I'm harmless.

I do believe in God, I believe he is an all loving and forgiving God. Not to be feared. I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides and the Universe responds to us.

No one will ever fall in love with me, and I am meant to live this particular life trip alone, and I totally embrace it.

People gravitate towards me and attach to me very fast. I think I'm on this earth to help people figure out what to do with their life in mass changes to their being.

I am an affectionate person, when I let someone in it's a total PDA, that's major to me, a deal breaker.

Surround yourself with people that Compliment your life, not Complicate.

I don't have many DVD's. Whole lot of VHS's though!

I don't need alot to be entertained.

I am very low mainteance, my meals are never over $5.00

I'm an awesome person, I'm a good person, I am human and not perfect.

Even if I dislike you immensly, I will still help your or hook you up.


My Favorite Nail Products!

So.. I am obsessed with My nails. Ever since I let them grow out. Thank god my nails are strong and healthy, even after I've had Acrylics on for months.

I wanted to do a video blog for this, not sure why but I felt like it. Obviously that wasn't accessible to me at this time.

When I actually let them grow out, they are gorgeous if I do say so myself! and I do!!!

I am forever changing colors, trying to find the Nail Polish that actually doesn't chip!

I LOVE getting the French Tips when I get acrylics but I have the hardest time trying to do it myself on my natural nails.

I even used those white strips they sell to help you shape them, yea.. well doesn't really work for me. At times the white "stripe" on my natural nails can become kind of bulky.

So I went to walmart looking for a hot dark pink kind of color, and I was thinking about getting some white nail polish.

Then I saw THIS!

I even saw it in BLACK!

So I went home and omg I was shocked at how easy it is. Now the best part is, even when it's dry it doesn't CHIP! It's so SMOOTH!

I went to take it off, and I got the Nail Polish Remover, a trick to get it off fast is if you put some removal on a cotton ball then press it on the nail, hold it there for 3-5 seconds, the color on the nail comes off CLEAN!

I always do that, and to my surprise the white tip was very hard to come off, which I LOVED!

Before I give it all the credit to the French Tip Pen, I do give it a 100%, however, a good 10% of the outcome came about from a multi use -Emery Board I got. One side of the Emery Board is for Shaping, and on the other was half for Smoothing and the other for Shine. I loved that it was clearly marked and color coated so it's "Fool Proof" Makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of my nails.
This Emery Board/Shine/Smoothing (I got at CVS for $3.00!) in 1 is a Product from "Trim" they have a really good line of inexpensive Nail Tools at

Now I also needed a new base and top coat, usually I get them from Sally Hansen but I ended up going with this. I am very pleased with the outcome with this product as well, this is from Nailene (who also makes the French Tip Pen)

Yes, I could have gotten the French Tip Pen Kit but I don't really like beige color that came with it.

I'm not the best photographer, My hands look like Monkey Feet lol. I tried my best =)

ALSO! I ended up getting DIGITAL from Salley Hansen from their Hi Definition Nail Color Line.

I LOVE IT! It was only $5.00 and I am very happy with it.

It looks different colors because of the sun outside. I think it looks way better in person though!

Makes my nails look like Acrylics but NOPE "They are Real & Fabulous" lol. ! I love getting my nails done but not having to go every 2 weeks for a fill. I don't miss that at all.

By the way I got all these products from Wal-Mart! Except the Emery Board.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bad day

I'm in a really negative mind state right now, so I decided to just let it out on a blog. It's been a hot minute since I've blogged, I've been asked to but I have to be really wanting to.

I'm in one of those fucken moods where my tolerance for people that are annoying is very VERY low.

I suppose alot has to do with my period coming. This blog will NOT help the stereo-type.

Around my period I can get pretty emotional and almost violent mannerisms, hasn't happened in a while.

I'm not perfect, I know some people actually think I am, bless your heart but I am FAR from it. Everyone has bad days.

I guess I'm kind of dissapointed in myself because I do have almost a perfect comprehension of moods, the universe and my thoughts becoming reality.

Whenever something happens, I look to the positive, what's the lesson in this situation.

I've been LOOKING FORWARD to my period coming, I am watching what I eat and working out, my weight is number 1 right now priority to me. The good thing I love about getting my period is I can loose a good 4-6 pounds instantly if I drink tons of water, exercise and watch what I eat.

I know it's coming any day.

So this morning I woke up, and as I'm laying in bed, 1 of my cats who is very attached to me, throws up before I can move some articles that I had next to me, she got it on my new bra and some jeans.

I WAS SO LIVID I was so fucking PIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't even care if she was sick or whatever, I was SO MAD!

I planned to buy another bra this week anyway but I was SO MAD. I knew honestly I wasn't mad at her, and I should have had more compassion. I just looked at her and kept saying FUCK FUCK FUCK as I'm getting a trash bag to clean it up and throw the bra and jeans out.

so I immediately get ready, I had to buy some food for the week anyway. I couldn't find my fucking glasses, that annoyed me. So I go to to this one store and try on some bras, as in doing so when I put back on my black tank top I had white deodorant marks all on the fucking side of my shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "BLACK DRESS APPROVED" MY ASS!

I was LIVID. I was starving, I just wanted to go get something to eat and go home. I ended up going to this other store not to far away and see if I can find anything there, I did find like 1 bra I liked. I didn't even really care for it but it shall do for now.

I went to get something to eat, and instead of just coming home, I parked in this big ass parking lot and faced away from everyone. I put on Michael Beckwith's "Life Visioning" Audio CD's and listened to it while I ate.

I then went to Whole foods, got some stuff then to Starbucks. That was a reaction to my negative feelings, I don't even really dig Starbucks but I got a frappachino. not good for the waste line, I thought it would make me "feel" better, but the end result it's not helping me get to where I want to go with my weight.

I come home and my mom is here. She took my glasses. I had a feeling, and countless times I've tooken her things, I can't really tell her shit.

I told her I had a bad day, I'm in a fucking mood. I watched t.v for a little bit then went on line. I have a couple new clients I need to work on some promo stuff for them.

I put on my headphones and blasted Sade.

I tweeted I was having a bad day and alot of people sent me really nice messages and vibes. I appreciate that immensely.

I find I work harder and more focused when I'm in a bad mood, weird right? I can be very snappy and cut anyone down to size, I just DON'T LIKE CUTESY BULLSHIT. I don't like being called a thousand cutesy names, If you fucking know my name then you don't need to shower me with some stupid love bug names, especially IF YOU NEVER MET ME. I'm not 2 years old so enough with artificial sweet bullshit.


Why can't people just converse with me AS AN ADULT.

Don't be condescending to me, I am intelligent, smart wise and clever. Don't dumb shit down cause I'm not the one to faltar.

So anyway, as I'm editing my myspace page, I'm getting to the fucking point of what I do since some people only see pictures and don't know how to take the time to fucking READ. If you want to know about what I do then READ WHAT I WROTE, if you don't have the time to do it, then I don't have the time to deal with you.


when I say I'm in a mood, I DONT FUCK AROUND.

I deal with to many ignorant people, lazy ass fuckers. NOT ALL but ALOT.

My mom is my soul, those who know me or have read anything I write know this, she's all I have. I ask her all the time where is she going when she leaves the house, yes it annoys her, BUT I WANT TO KNOW WHERE MY MOTHER IS GOING TO BE AT incase something happens. So she asks me if a hat looks good on her, I ask where is she going, she snaps at me for asking, and well I SNAP BACK, I told her "ONE DAY YOUR GOING TO MISS ME NOT ASKING YOU WHERE YOUR GOING", I said some shit that was a bit mean and I said some stuff that was very drastic and I know worry some to her. I blasted the music in my headphones and don't know what she said. I know where she was going though. I don't like how we left it. She left slammed the door and she's going some where an hour away, I already have anxiety about that.

Sometimes If I shut people out and stay angry and mad it "helps" me not have to "Care".

I've matured enough to know that helped me when I was young, but it doesn't serve me now as an adult.

I know better than ALL OF THIS. I know that all this shit today is very SMALL AND MINOR, and I'm always the FIRST one to say to my friends who are going through something:

If you can breathe, walk, move, see, hear and smile, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. and on, and on.

I KNOW THIS. BUT I'm in a emotional body element and right now I'm in a mood where I'm in a low vibrating negative state.

My neighbor came over to pick up some stuff and asked what was wrong with my mom, she said hi to her and my mom kinda blew her off. This neighbor is a good friend of my mothers and me for many many years. She is the typical chismosa and likes to know the drama, so I watched what I told her. I know she knew I was in a bad mood even though I tried to just smile and get back to what I was doing. I can't fake things, I don't like to.

I'm venting.

for the ones who get this, kudos to you.

I know there's issues that's coming up and I know it's not all about me starting my period. I think it's a couple things bothering me, I feel overwhelmed about.

I'm a very nice, caring and compassionate person, I am human though, I'm not always so compassionate when I guess I should be.

I am a gifted smartass, I can chew you up and spit you out with my words, I'm very articulate with my writing and my assumption of some people who will read this and not sympathize for what it is .. but only what negative things *they* take from it, I can't deal with simple minded people, but god knows I am surrounded by many.

I just hope my mom comes home okay. I noticed she didn't take my glasses. I kind of wished she did.

I hope I didn't pass on any negative vibes to anyone reading this. Just picture yourself in a white light full of love and happiness =)

I am going to.

I don't think anyone is untouchable from my "wrath" right now. So if I say something very snappish I would say not to take it personal but it's probably what I feel at the time.

Friday, July 3, 2009


I will be at the Staples Center this Wednesday protesting the Circus. I do it every year will continue to do so. You do NOT need to sign up.

Please note these are PEACEFUL and QUITE Protests. It's no one's attention to scare any of the children. It's simply about educating in a universal adult, human manner and fashion.

Info is below








THATS WHAT YOUR BRINGING YOUR KIDS TO???????????????????????????????????????????



The horrific things I want to do to these people. Beating animals into submission? taking them out of their habitat? Are you serious? where did these people loose their soul?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, step right up and see the cruelest show on earth. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey proudly present timid tigers, exploited elephants and abused exotic animals tamed, tortured and terrified for your amusement.

Unfortunately, many circus-goers will likely never hear about the cruelty toward animals that regularly occurs behind the scenes at the Ringling Bros. Circus.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), the Humane Society and others oppose Ringling Bros.' cruel mistreatment of animals. Every Aggie should join in by boycotting the circus while they are on campus.

"We do have a campaign against circuses that use animals in general, but specifically Ringling Bros. because they are one of the worst abusers of animals in the entertainment industry," Rice said. "Ringling Bros. has been responsible for the deaths of 24 elephants in their care, only one of which can be attributed to old age."

Rice went on to explain that there are currently several federal investigations into the circus for cruelty or negligence.

"Ringling Bros. is under investigation for the 2004 death of a two-year-old lion named Clyde, who died of heat exhaustion in an overheated boxcar while traveling across the Mohave Desert," he said.

Another investigation concerns the use of the bullhook, a long metal bat with a hook at the end, in elephant training. The instrument is used to coerce and intimidate elephants into doing the tricks.

"Because the performances are based on what the animals do during play and socialization, training is simply a matter of encouraging the elephants to do what comes naturally on cue to music," according to the Ringling Bros.' Web site. "We accomplish that by reinforcing their natural behaviors through repetition and reward."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Elephants do not take each other by the tail and parade around, and there are certainly no elephants in the wild wearing party hats and standing on giant stools. Nothing is more unnatural than the tricks elephants perform in the circus. Positive reinforcement would never be able to achieve this type of behavior. The only way to get this behavior from a wild animal is with intimidation and physical punishment.

"Ringling Bros. is under investigation for the 2004 videotaped beating of an 8-year-old elephant named Angelica," Rice said.

The video shows the elephant chained by all four legs and being beaten and jabbed as it screams in pain. It is one of many videos on PETA's Web site depicting such violence.

Bringing wild animals around the country in boxcars and forcing them to do tricks for our amusement is a sad relic of a time long passed. Many modern and successful circuses, like Cirque de Soleil, rely on the talents of human performers rather than the exploitation of animals. Ringling Bros. needs to do the same. Aggies can help send that message and put an end to this horrible abuse by boycotting the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Now this is awesome and beautiful.. an alternative to Circus's

Cirque du Soleil

As you know, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the "Cruelest Show on Earth," is coming to Los Angeles next week, and we need your help to raise awareness about the cruelty and violence that go on behind the scenes at the circus. When Ringling is in your town, it's up to kind people like you to let the circus know that this cruel show is not welcome!

Experts, eyewitnesses, and video footage prove that physical abuse is standard practice for training elephants in circuses. Ringling's trainers have been observed hitting and jabbing elephants, including babies, with sharp steel-tipped rods called "bullhooks." CEO Kenneth Feld recently admitted in federal court that he's seen handlers use bullhooks to hit elephants under the chin, behind the ears, and on the legs. We know that Ringling causes pain and suffering to animals, but we must share this with others so that they, too, will boycott the circus.

What: Ringling demonstration
When: Wednesday, July 8, 6 p.m.
Where: Staples Center, 1111 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles

If you have any questions about the demonstration, please contact me at and let me know what city you're in. For more information on this campaign, to learn what former employees say about Ringling, and to view PETA's videos, which show behind-the-scenes training, please visit

We're in this fight together, and we couldn't do it without you. We're grateful that you're part of our Action Team, and we encourage you to take full advantage of the network by contacting us any time with questions, requests, or concerns. Thanks so much for everything that you do for animals!

For all animals,

David Salisbury
Assistant Activist Liaison
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Monday, June 29, 2009

1st Day on "Ultimate Master Cleanse"



To be very honest, If you are a true Vegan you don't need a cleanse because your body is absoutely healthy.

Cleanse's are for people that eat alot of toxic, processed foods, Junk Foods, Meat, Sugar, etc.

I am a Vegetarian, I don't eat meat, chicken or fish. I was Total Vegan a while ago, but I have a thing for sugar and cheese at times. Sugar is the big thing I try to stay away from, There is awesome Vegetarian and Vegan Cookies, Cakes, Deserts and Ice Creams.

It's "Challenging" for me when I'm out somewhere late and with my friends, I don't want to eat something healthy or there are some places you can't really get anything healthy, NOT ALWAYS but sometimes.

Natural Foods such as Fruit contain sugar BUT IT'S ORGANIC sugar. Good for you. F what Atkins or some "Diets" have told you.

I can eat pure and clean, because I know that food is to help me live, not necessarly to taste good all the time. I know that sounds weird but ONCE you purify your body, you can taste the sweet and saltiness of fruits and vegetables. It's great.

When I have a chance I will put up all the info on the Cleanse including a break down of what each pill does.

So last week I went to Whole Foods with my friend and we came upon an isle with different cleanse products.

I tried the Master Cleanse (Lemon, Cayenne Pepper, Maple Syrup) like a year ago, of course I didn't stick with it.

I am totally clueless to Cleanses. 1 of the employees came over and started explaining all of them to us. I wasn't going to buy one but I did need something to help me jump start my body.

So I decided to go with "Ultimate Detox & Cleanse" It's a 2 week program. Basically you take 4 pills 3 times a day with every meal.

The Pills are a bit big, I am not a fan of taking large pills, thankfully these are very easy to chew. 1 has an after taste that reminds me of an Italian spinach dish.

I woke up, very excited to start. All the ingredients in the pills are Vegetarian and Kosher.

Each pill is full of all the nutrients your body needs, as Fiber, Iron, Etc

I had a Banana and took the pills, took me about 45 minutes to sit there and chew and take my time, with bites in between.

So far so good, now I have to take about 8 more pills by the time I go to sleep tonight.

-Lunch Update
I am not hungry at all. I bought a big bag of ready to eat broccoli, colliflour, carrots and salad, already ready to eat. I don't suggest everyone do this because I know not everyone can eat vegetables raw.

I however, can with no problem.

I took the 1st of 4 pills for this meal, I have 3 more to go. It's not horrible but it's not freak'n delicious! I'm not complaining it's just a bit time consuming for me, then again I have time on my side. Plus taking your time while you eat or in this case "snack" you get fuller faster.

I was going to make a potatoe, but I will save that for dinner.