Friday, August 7, 2009

Pa'que tu lo sepas

Love Lucy. I really do!

I Love Selena R.I.P. I have so much memorabilia of hers.

I Have been Thalia's biggest fan since I was 14, She is an Idol to me.

I listen to Alicia Villarreal almost everyday. I will always sing her songs in the car by myself.

If I could be anything in life, I would be a Pro Boxer or a Mariachi Singer. Don't ask me to sing, don't torture your ears.

I LOVE DC Shoes. The only Flats I wear.

I have a fetish for Stilettos 5inches and taller.

I am an only child.

Alot of people will buy things or check out what I put, I make sure what I recommend is always positive and helpful.

I am aware of my status both high and average on this earth.

I cry if I step on a snail.

I rather a human hurt than ANY animal.

I will always defend anyone getting picked on or taken advantage of.

I will shop at 99 cent store before I shop anywhere else.

I love jewelry, I don't have much but I love what I have and from whom.

Peace is watching my cats sleep in the funkiest positions.

I don't like when people yell. Unless it's me yelling. lol.

I have A.D.D.

Food is my addiction and disorder.

My all time favs are Teena Marie & Sade. The Best.

I am a certified Bartender, but my personal drinking limit is 3 Smirnoff's. My body doesn't fancy liquor or Tequila.

My fav mixed drink ever is "Alabama Slammer" when made right, of course.

Aquafina is my favorite water ever, & Dr. Pepper is my fav poison!

I get excited over simple stuff, Nail Polish, Body Scrubs, New Vegan recipes, Books!

I hold grudges.

I dislike Scary movies and flying beetles/bumble bees.

Contrary to popular belief being with girls is harder than being with guys.

Scents drive me crazy = Eternity & Victoria Secret "Very Sexy For Her"

The universe disables me from being vindictive, malicious and back stabbing. However, it blessed me with standing up for myself. I don't do shit to hurt people or get people back, I leave that to Karma.

I rarely give anyone a romantic chance. ever.

I don't like games, I don't tolerate them and I'm smarter and observant than I will ever will let on.

My favorite color ever is Red. It's Bold, Strong and Intense, not everyone can handle it or wear it. I don't fit that strong of a description personally but I definitely am attracted to the color.

I have a conscious and I feel guilt and remourse, Seems like that's non existent with society today

I am on medication for depression, I never hide it because I know others who don't know how to get help, and I've helped many, but like everything else in my being I don't fit the typical stereo-typical mold of anything or what you may expect. I'm harmless.

I do believe in God, I believe he is an all loving and forgiving God. Not to be feared. I believe in Angels, Spirit Guides and the Universe responds to us.

No one will ever fall in love with me, and I am meant to live this particular life trip alone, and I totally embrace it.

People gravitate towards me and attach to me very fast. I think I'm on this earth to help people figure out what to do with their life in mass changes to their being.

I am an affectionate person, when I let someone in it's a total PDA, that's major to me, a deal breaker.

Surround yourself with people that Compliment your life, not Complicate.

I don't have many DVD's. Whole lot of VHS's though!

I don't need alot to be entertained.

I am very low mainteance, my meals are never over $5.00

I'm an awesome person, I'm a good person, I am human and not perfect.

Even if I dislike you immensly, I will still help your or hook you up.

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