Thursday, December 25, 2008

I'm all for listening but shit calm down drama queens!

Ok now I love giving advice. People come to me all the time randomly for advice mostly on relationships, granted I'm not the perfect person to be giving it! But I make common sense and usually am on point. 95% of the time I am right.

I love that people want to hear my opinion and they trust me with their problems. But.. fuck man it's the ones who like thrive off it? fucken cry babies, I'm not being judgmental or whatever but it's like they ONLY hit me up to tell me how awful things are


It's the ones who drain the shit out of me.. always with someone new to complain and bitch bitch bitch about. I'm all for hearing people vent trust me but it's so annoying when I get a message with the "whoa is me" victim fucken drama queens, I'm sure some of you know people like this.. shit you could be one of them lol =)~

My life is novela hun, trust, but it's the whole like manipulating you to feel sorry for them, or they kinda throw in some fucken guilt trip like they want that attention.. I guess they just don't know how to get attention other wise? and I get that, I understand that but if your only hitting me up to tell me all the sad and depressing shit that happens to you all the fucken time..

I can pick out negative shit all day everyday.. I'm the first one to bitch and complain.. but I get it now.. either do something about it or shut the fuck up.

I try to think of their side of things, maybe they constantly come to me because I in some way make them feel better? or I could be that 1 person they can come to? maybe they don't have someone to listen to them? I guess my main issue is the WAY they come at me.. it's the whole victime role. I have LOTS of things I could totally play the victim role about.

I'm on 2 medications for Chronic Depression I've had some fucked up horrible shit my whole life, but I am also blessed. So I know what it's like to be in that funk, it's comfortable, but if your gonna come to me ONLY when you want someone to baby you.. THATS IT.. another way to describe it is wanting someone to baby them..

now, after my last novela of a relationship.. I'm very hesitant to give someone that extra "Aww poor baby". I'm just not into it.. I think it's vulnerable for me .. like if they get that attention from me they will constantly use their drama to get that reaction, that emotion from me, I see it as manipulation and I'm not into that shit nor do I tolerate it.

If you want advice or my opinion on anything or if you hit me up from time to time to ask what you should do in the continuing situation no problem by all means hit me up.

I have a couple people, not alot but shit some people who like hit me up with some captain save a hoe shit.. which I don't do. If you want to hit me up with your gonna kill yourself or some drama goodbye message.. hun I'm not the one to stop you.

Sounds mean huh????????? this is just a small few I am venting about.

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J said...

Nope. Doesn't sound mean. I want to say that like 60% of people are addicted to drama and wouldnt be happy without it.

I definitely suggest setting and enforcing boundaries when it comes to energy vampires. I usually just say, "What can I do for you?" or "How can I help you?" Most of the time they dont even know what they want from u. If they do, then I do it, and drop it right there.