Friday, July 18, 2008

You tell me, Is your music good enough?

ok for the simple minded ones, No .. I am not mad. A female can vent doesn't mean she's on her period or she's angry.. annoying when males usually reply with dumb ass messages. that's another vent for another day lol.

it's called venting..

I get hit up everyday literally about a hundred with comments.. first off hella rude "YO CHECK OUT MY MUSIC, ADD ME TO UR TOP, LEAVE A COMMENT, PUT MY MUSIC ON UR PAGE"


BIG difference between "Please check out my music, let me know what you think" COOL! I dig that. that's polite and inviting.

I don't have time to play up to ego's
"Check out my music IF you think it's dope hit me up".

Imagine how many people would be sitting around waiting for someone to chase after them to promote their music, if they gave everyone that choice .

I do marketing and promotions, I can guarantee people will know who you are, now .. if they like your music and support you.. that's not in my power.

If you know your music is good, get at me. I've never been the one to say I am the queen of music/hip hop.

My opinion is just like everyone else's.. doesn't mean if I think your music is wack that YOU are.

You could be the illest lyricist to come out!
Music is universal.

example. I dont listen to the radio. So it offends me when people say Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, Lil Jon is HIP HOP/Rap. I KNOW with every being in my soul they are wack. BUT they make MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS. They have "Dance steps" with their songs, it's catchy, millions of clueless people think thats what DOPE MUSIC is.. they think thats the SH*T! you got puppets doing their dance steps at clubs, partys and even award shows..
so yea WACK sells.. but to the people that eat their music right up .. it's their "JAM" .. they dont think it's wack! so if you ask me what I think of your music and I tell you I'm not really feelen it and I explain why. X, Y Z. in a positive way of course, and you take it like a man, your golden.

Not everyone will like your music.. thats life. and if you can't take it your in the wrong business. simply don't ask.

Now the funny ones are the FOOS who think I'm some broad that needs to be told "DAMN GIRL YOUR FINE CHECK OUT MY MUSIC BEAUTIFUL" so what if I do and I don't like it.. am I still so damn fine and Beautiful? I know the guys reading this who feel me are cracken up! Everyone makes music, Everyone and their momma literally.. makes beats.. It's hard as hell to get seen and heard. to stand out, when you know your mad talented. It's possible.

keep grinden!

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Alphabiitz said...

shit tell me about it, i hate it when people confuse HIP HOP, WITH HIP [[POP]] MUSIC, it aggravates me, but there's no point in arguing, and and the rest is very true, very well written to

5 out of 5