Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oops did I say something nice about myself?

I find this is a topic that needs some serious shine.

Have you ever noticed that when someone says something positive about themselves someones says something negative like "your so vain", "your so cocky". It's like How DARE someone actually says something nice about themselves. Why does it bother or insult the other person?

If you have kids or know young children, don't you want them to be confident? Aren't we instilled at a young age to be proud of small accomplishments. It's like a 7 year old girl saying "I'm ugly" you would be quick to tell them otherwise, boost their confidence.

So why as adults most are so damn insecure about them self they chastise others for saying something positive about them self? Have you ever caught yourself from complimenting yourself because you don't want others to contrast your confidence? like omg who does she think she is? she ain't that cute. It's such insecurity and negative miserable vibes.

I am very confident about what I do. So when I say "I am damn good at what I do" "I'm a good person and have a great soul, so and so loves me" Wow there goes someone so quick to shoot that down with their comments, It's like how dare I say something that has NOTHING to do with them. Who the hell do I think I am for being positive about myself? and I sayed it outloud? oh my the fucken horror. Sometimes I am guilty of not saying what I think of how I look because I dont want the look like I'm crazy or disillusional . Sometimes I will say "Damn I look good" doesn't mean I think I look BETTER then them! so whats up with the stupid looks or automatic negative looks and comments? why does that bug people so fucken much????????????

Is our society so bitter and miserable? The moment someone is successfull, or gets some shine there's always a pack of haters. I believe in my observations that it's usally because they assume the person will look down at them, that they are not at their level or probably is not happy with where they are in their own life. Why is it so wrong for someone to be confident in themselves or express it. Like if I sayed "I'm very pretty" automatically you know in someones head they completely hate and don't like them. doesn't mean I would think I'm prettier then you. ya dig?

There is a fine line between Confident and Cockiness. Oh my do I deal with so much cockiness. To me is when you treat people like shit or this can go along with the negative like "I'm prettier then her shit" confident maybe.. but is it to make yourself better? always putting down someone else to make you feel better. I find as long as you see the beauty and positiveness in everyone else your golden. I tell my friends or people I don't even know if I like something about them. You know how some girls are caddy, the most attractive in the room, there goes the vicious comments and attitude towards her. Unless she acts like a bitch, why hate?

So many times I have had dudes who don't even know me will take the time to hit me up with some negative and mean fucken messages. I can almost gaurantee it's because they are intiidated or I heard one dude tell "You know you wouldn't give someone like me a chance" lol it's like Ninja I don't even know you, your the one who took the time to send me a message. I have many times took the time to get in their head, not manipulating but really taking the time to approach them on what they say to me and I do it in a way where I tell them what I assume of them and their behavior ...99% of the time they wanna take me out or always say I'm totally the opposite of what they assume and become very coo with me. Especially I get some stupid comments because I am a lesbian. So there goes the hate already lol.

It's comedy to me. I love emcee's who are about their music because they are confident and know the music they do is fucken the shit to them. That's the confidence that you need to make it in this world, especially in this industry. See it's their own confidence that they bring out in their music and the way they present it.

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