Friday, July 18, 2008

My Memories of Brandii Ruiz R.I.P

*I wrote this in Nov. 2005.*

Today is July 18th 08-

Rosie, Brandii's mom just called. You can just tell her in voice she's still in mourning. I haven't talked to her like 2 years. I don't know if its cuz I basically grew up with them and Brandii is a year younger, But the tone in her voice is haunting. I asked her how she was and she replied "you know, hanging in there, unless you lost a child you coudn't imagine" and she was right. The way her and her husband loved their kids is beautiful. I told Rosie I wrote this blog. She sounded happy but I dont think she would want to read it. I hope her sister hits me up again.

What a reality check

November- -05

I felt the need to write this blog. I had a childhood friend named Brandii Ruiz. She passed away from a rare form of Lung Cancer a couple months ago. She was only 22.

Brandii was one of the nicest girls you have ever met. I know that sounds like something someone would say about a friend that has passed, but that is the honest truth. I know alot of people, but Brandii was one of those girls who just accepted everyone as they were, such a sweet girl, a rare spirit.

I first met Brandii when i was in my early years of Elementary school in Alhambra. We both went to after school care.

One Halloween night, me and my mom went trick-or-treating down our street, I had no idea Brandii lived there, Brandii's mother Rose answered the door, My mom and Rose became instant friends, They talked all damn night! My mom felt so bad i didnt get alot of candy she took me to the store! I played with Brandii and her younger sister Monica all night, from that night on we became friends.

Soon Monica started school with us, sometimes Rose would pick me up and take me to their house or my mom would pick Brandii and Monica up, we always had alot of fun.

Brandii's parents, Rose and George, a Police officer for Alhambra P.D. (Still the nicest cop you ever met!), Brandii's parents are really genuinly sweet people. I love them! Brandii's parents and sister are some of the rare people in this world, they are such good people. Words can't even describe them.

Rosie and George loved their girls. The kind of love that would make you want to be apart of their family. They always made me feel like that.

Brandii was a year younger than me. When I went to Highschool they moved to Whittier. We kept in touch here and there, My mom mostly with Rosie. The few times i saw them it was so amazing to see how beautiful Brandii and Monica kept getting!

I remember the first time i saw Brandii in the Hospital. It was Thanksgiving a couple years ago. I hadn't seen her or her family in a while. I remember seeing her parents outside her Hospital room. Rosie cried when she saw me, I couldnt belive i was visiting Brandii in a hospital.

When i walked in i saw Monica, and Brandii was in the bed, Smiling! just a big smile like if she was in her own room. She had tubes connected in her body. She had this tube connected to her lungs, to filter out some fluid or clots in her throat..I will never forget how much we made her laugh! I remember Rosie thanking me for coming, she made a comment on how making Brandii laugh helped her get some of the fluid out of her throat, I remember leaving the hospital and my mom holding back tears.

Brandy soon followed into remission, I remember my mom saying how she beat it, and how the family was going to Hawaii to celebrate, they needed a vacation!, When they came back the doctor said all wasnt good.

I remember visiting Brandii at her house. Her hair just growing back from Kemo Therapy i belive. She was usual Brandii, all smiles, seemingly carefree.. when Brandii went to her room, Rosie lost it, seeing Rosie, such a loving mother break down with that raw emotion, i couldnt imagine what it felt like, as I seen my mom console Rosie, I prayed Brandii would be better! I KNEW she would be.

Her father and her church held Bone Marrow drives, support ralleys, A couple months ago I got a call from my mom, Brandii past away. BRANDY PAST AWAY! WHAT THE FUCK?

Brandii, one of the sweetest humans on this earth? A great student in college, and a goal winning Track star? THAT BRANDII?

I went to the funeral, which was held across the street where we grew up. I couldnt belive i was at her FUNERAL. I heard God only takes the best, but Brandii? what did she do to die so young? I kept seeing this candle flicker above the podeium of where her friends and family speak. I imagined it was Brandii letting us know she was there and ok.

Even though i hadn't seen Brandii alot, but she was my friend. I love Brandii and her family. Now that the Holidays are here, I cant pray enough for Rosie, George and Monica to be at peace.

Such a loss, Brandii was and is a good person, her family is such loving people, why them? how can she just be taken? its not fair. I really have to belive that things happen for a reason...

If you search Brandii Ruiz, over 100 pages will come up. Her lfie, her struggle

I know Brandii is around us. I know she has to be, Angels are always looking over us. I can cry and I can be mad, but hey, she had a good life, she had the best family, and by being the person she was.. I KNOW she is in the BEST possible place in Heaven!


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