Friday, July 18, 2008

Mi Vida Loca-soundtrack of my youth?

Instantly at the the 3 words "MI VIDA LOCA" you think of the movie.

I decided to watch the movie Mi Vida Loca. I noticed on the DVD it had commentaries from the Producer and Director. I thought it would be cool to know the behind the scenes and things came about.

Flash back to when I was 13 years old. I am now going to be 26. I am really realizing now how much this movie influenced that time in my life. Alot of kids especially in Los Angeles went through that Cholo life style, some are still in it, it's carried every where for Generations. It was for me personally very attractive everything about it. I went through the phase of the clothes, the slang, the music. Although I was never in a Gang I hanged out with "members" god that seems to adult like term "members". Me and my best friend at the time my "Cousin" Vero were very close, Her mom was in the lifestyle very much, Vero lived differently than I did, I would do anything to go over her house, My mom who had been apart of that, knew I was so attracted to it, she tryed her hardest to keep me on check, she wasn't full of Joy the way I dressed, she wouldn't buy the clothes, which thanks to Vero I would sneak clothes or change at her house. I went through so many schools, probation schools, I dont' think I ever had a real High School experience. My mom moved from Hollywood to Alhambra for the fact didn't want me raised in that, although you can't get away, I kept getting kicked out and we moved about 15 minutes East to such a shock I was the only Chola style girl and where I live is so different from hoods that anyone remotely bald or a certain dress style you connect with them and hang out. I guess in a way lived by this movie. We knew Mi Vida Loca literally by heart. I remember us washing dishes and reciting the movie literally word for word. We use to say who would be "Sad Girl" or "Mousey" who compared most. I remember my friend Mona was "Whisper" she had that same low tone voice. It's crazy, now that I look back how much that movie influenced us. Theres a part where the director says how the song "Girls it Ain't Easy" wasn't known in the lifestyle as a song that pertained to it. That was our theme song lol! I don't know how many times we would call KRLA and dedicate it to eachother. They put it in the movie of a suggestion from a member of the group "Duran Duran", and how because of that movie it was always a fixture on KRLA Art Laboe on Sundays. I remember that time when it was on AM radio. I remember waking up every morning to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU" the song for everyone who called in to announce their Birthday. Oldies to me now have a special place, Thats literally all we listened to of course we had to get all of the "Oldies but Goodies" tapes, had to bump any group that came out that was the style, this was back in 94, 95, 96 shit was poppen off with Cypress Hill, Lighter shad of brown, Brown Pride, Kid Frost, Deliquent Habits, and some others. I remember the dedications me and Vero would make to the guys and home girls we were currently hanging out with. There's so many oldies that I know the words to by heart such a trip how no matter how long I haven't heard a song I know the words. I love oldies it definitely represents a time in my life. it's a mark. I trip out how much we idolized that movie. Of course there was Boulevard Nights, and American Me, that came after but nothing had such an impact as Mi Vida Loca. I remember how Vero saw the movie first and told the story of the 3 dots. oh god was that the tattoo we tried to have everywhere, in the sides of our fingers, on our knees, our wrists lol, I laugh now thinking back how into that lifestyle I was. I remember my mom used to joke how Nike Cortez better make a high heel one day if I ever get married. I would only wear Nike Cortez, Had to have the darkest lipstick, my mom would tease that it looked like I had Chocolate all over my lips, the points with the lip pencil, I dressed more like the tom boyish chola, baggy pants, creased up, charlie browns, oh god my hair half up, or tryed to tease, my mom would say it looked like my bangs got hit by a Fan! Everything was "Firme", Hyna, all the low rider drawings, the dark nail polish, The Cover Girl compacts in the pack pocket, omg the Loks, ay dios talk bout not haven a clue, although I was a faithfull fan of Aqua net, my mom refers to it as "Cha Cha net" I will only use that hair spray to this day if I ever wear it. I never shaved my eye brows!. if I went out with anyone had to wear Cortez, had to have the "uniform". I remember the letters to our homeys or peeps in Jail we would write to. We saved all the drawings. I remember trying to get to the mail first so my mom wouldn't freak out if I got a letter and how every single one started out with "By the time you reach this letter I hope it finds you and your family in the best of health" LOL... My mom knew the lifestyle very much, my family knew the lifestyle, shit they were in it and of course would tell me the reality but knew it was a phase, I run into people now who see me and trip out how much I changed. I remember visiting my old apartment and my neighbor still lived there, she was like "I thought you probably had a kid, married a cholo". I got out of that around 17? Now, I cringe at the pictures. Right now I'm still listening to the commentary as they speak over the movie and the scenes. I remember the song "Scandalous" by Psycho Realm. I am a huge fan so when I met them I was like oh shit!!!!. Now working for them it's like not only an honor for me for being such a fan for so long and thousands of others but it's like a lil something to me because of that time. That soundtrack was so huge, I think it's like a chapter of my life. Now that I'm older and so far from the whole lifestyle I see the youngsters, things have changed dramatically kinda like it's dwindled a bit but still lives on. You grow and experience and no matter how many people who have been through it will try to warn you or tell you how it's realitiy is you either end up dead, in jail or paralyzed and it's true but you got to go through it to learn kinda like "you'll understand when you get older". Echo Park is something that you kinda wanna take a tour and trip out how this is a story that is real, yes it's a movie but obviously based on real life events. I recommend everyone check out the commentaries. I see so much of my youth in that movie. I remember the makeup, I remember how we tried to get the hand shakes down, the sign language for every letter in the alphabet, the 40's, the tattoos. Such a trip to me now. Good times.

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