Friday, July 18, 2008

What makes me a grouppie? Cuz I like Hip Hop & Skirts?

I wrote this because I felt like it. Not because I'm mad . I'm not wasting my "energy" on writting bout "negative shit" .. to each is own.

I know the difference between a grouppie, a whore and a straight up B-GIRL. I'm simply a female who is girly that like hip hop, just like the many people around the world..

not to mention most of the REAL grouppies are *some* guys who would suck a dick the way they worship some M.C's and groups.. and those same guys are the ones mad at me cuz I do my thing, I get access that they cant, who's problem is that? lol not mine

I know there isnt alot of females who do what I do, or involved like I am in the underground scene. whats wrong with some dope females loven hip hop just like guys, maken moves and hustlen ?

Since day 1, my number 1 rule is "no dating in the scene" meaning I don't flirt nor do I get involved or have hook up with ANYONE , from M.C's, to Promoters, to even fans..

Don't let the respect I get and short skirts fool you ....

my name is clean, and how easy it is for people to look at me, and automatically think negative..

I know at a glance the usual stereo-type is I'm a grouppie cause I know all the guys and I get V.I.P or access.. or I promote for certain groups. But mind you of all the work and my position in this scene is. strictly business and legit friendship.

Its amazing how many people (usually insecure guys who probably think I wont give them the time of day, or females who try to call me a whore when really they are the ones who fuck everything that walks) call me a grouppie or a hoodrat.. but yet can't NAME the many they accuse me of....

I get some cruel ass messages from people I dont even know and sometimes people I see here and there at shows call me shit, asken me if I fucked so and so and how does it feel to be the biggest grouppie? I laugh at how they took their time to try to bring me down or feel like shit thinken thats how to get my attention, miserable people who need to worry bout themselves and not me.. in a way thats kinda compliment, I mean for them to think I would have to lower myself like that.. when in reality I NEVER HAD TO..

Reality Is I get oppurtunities for the fact I know my shit, I'm hella professional and I spread the word, and not my legs....

But if I was really a grouppie.. who fucks everyone in the scene, do you really think I would be taken as serious? or get on alot of projects? NO.. and if you think yes, then you need to think outside the box.....

I'm sure there is some M.C's who have been turned down by me are a lil salty, and wanna spread some lies.. thats all good cuz I know my truth..

Granted there is plenty of grouppies and whores around, but to compare me to them? NEVER...

so when you hear someone say my name followed by some false gossip.. remember.. Before you point your finger at me, make sure your hands are clean....

For all my haters.. I never seen anyone pictured under the definition of "perfection" worry bout yours and get off my jock

to everyone else.. have a great week =)

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