Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Proof God, Angels,Universe sends me messages!

I have to correct the spelling, I wrote this from my cell

I meant to write this topic the other day but ahhh I get distracted its like I have to "set the mood" but then I get interested in the mood I set

Props to Demics for sending me a article written by a writer. Helpful tips. So I find its easier for me to blog on my phone at the moment

Okay so I've had my ups and downs like usual. I wrote a blog that was real dark. I took it off but saved it.

Like last Sunday I believe, I went from welcoming death to choosing life. Kinda cliche "I choose life" lol I choose to live. Reminds me of the Kings of Queen episode anywhoooo

As I was sitting on my couch I was thinking about the book I have been currently reading "Messages From Your Angels"-By Doreen Virtue. Its an awesomeeee book!!!!!! I have her Angel Oracle Cards
In it it explains how God is within us, this book is not about religion at all. Just explains about the Angels, Deceased loved ones, God and the Universe including our spirit guide. Ill write a review on this book shortly my long ass point... I am here for a reason and when I think God is within me, I can do anything. The fact my ass is still on earth means I'm here for a purpose and I am slowly recognizing and embracing my gifts.
I'm just gonna get to the point. Ok so Wednesday morning I wake up in the morning! (I was going to sleep at 6,7 or 8am n waking up around 5pm, Depression was back)

Sooo I wake up I thank God, The Universe and The Angels for blessing me, I thank them for everything I mean every slight thing! I also say I'm going to have a Joyous day over and over. I got my phone turned on! Blessing! I check my email and its my mom's mom.. We have always had a very dysfunctional "relationship" very very rocky a lot of resentment and anger so she asks me to come over and help her clean. I say sure.

I say to myself how lucky am I I have a grandmother who is still alive

For the fact I called her Grandmother was a hugeeee step

I kept thanking the Universe and God for blessing me to spend time with her, that she is alive and I can help her

So I get there and instead of the critical fight starting words she calls me cutey pie... When I know I'm looking like crap-ola! Big smile and hug. Hmmm ok...

So I get straight to work start vacuuming her already immaculate house. All the while I go over every single person, thing I am thankful for

Before I left my house I put a little drop of Prosperity Oil my friend Janice gave me! I put it on my cell and rubbed it on my car.

So I start cleaning, and she starts praising everything I do I'm like wow this is totally due to the positive affirmations and thinking

I thought to myself as I was cleaning her glass table with pictures.. How I would arrange then and If I asked would she let me? Yea right...

So later on she says if I want I can arrange the pictures if I was a decorator anyway I want

What!!!!!!!! I laugh to myself total law of attraction!

So I do... She comes out with this adorable ass Guess Purse for me. I love it minus the little leather embroideries. Then she gives me some bracelets... I love jewelry!

1 big issue is my phone. She has always had a issue about my phone, mostly because I am forever on it. 1 thing I don't like anyone tellen me when to get off my fucken phone. We have gotten into arguments over it.
She tells me to help her shred some papers and she wonders if I can do both...

I say: Do what?
She says: Be on your phone and shred at the same time

I'm like huh?? Just to keep things calm I wasn't on my phone I cleaned the whole time. I checked my phone here and there but was never on It longer then to send a text

I was like wow she was being totallllly considerate!!!!

So I get ready to leave and she gives me money, I don't want it, I tell her I came to help not expect to get payed. She says "this is spending money" I'm like okay cool! Thanks Prosperity oil!

So as I'm leaving I get a text about someone wanting some promo from me!

I forgot what else that day but yea.. Trippy!

So today is Saturday and I'm almost done with reading the book. I had bookmarked from where I left off yesterday I opened it today and I just happened to re-read where I left off. I wasn't going to initially but it was on the top of the page...and it read: "Seeing Signs; Finding a feather, a coin, a stopped clock, moved objects in your home, lights flickering , or other visual oddities let you know that an angel is saying "Hello, I'm here" to you. As I read "Feathers" I thought feathers? I knew I wouldn't have any in the house we are very anti-fur and or animal skin. Only thing that would have feathers would be from my pillow I bought years ago....

So as I read that I looked saw like what looked like a little thing of white lint sticking out of the prior pages that are clumped together (I am towards the end of the book)
And sure enough it was a Feather!!!!!!!!!
I will attach the picture!

How trippy is that right?

Little things here and there I become more intuitive and really believe because it happens to me. If I think of something as in like I guess manifesting it. It comes. Ill try this as in thinking of people to see if they hit me up, people I haven't heard from in a really long time and I do so far. It will continue. Key is to be positive because our thoughts become our environment

I have so much to learn. I write in my journal every night so I keep count of everything that goes on

Ill be reading "You Can Heal Your Life" by. Louise L. Hay. A remarkable book. I have read bits and pieces so far and I look forward to reading all of it

I really do like the Angel Readings I do on people. It helps them immensely, as myself when I do mine.

Anyway I think I'm gonna persue Energy Healing, and all that is connected.

I thank Janice for helping me and guiding me in a sense. There is a reason why we met! As I'm sure there is a reason you are reading this and probably thinking of getting the books I described above

What's really cool is I have people who ask me what books they should get.

I know there is many more awesome books, these 2 are just the ones I'm reading right now and I will be reading more along the way. I'm going to ask Janice and do some research of what books help people immensely.

So that's my story :)

Oh and I am proud of myself for my positive thinking

Oprah who also belives in Spiritual ways was talking about her weight gain, etc she sayed something very profound that I got

She sayed "God blessed me in my body" its true I visioned all of her success in her "shell" which is what I think she was referring to. For all of us who do have body issues. There is great affirmations and techniques to really be thankful. I know at first its a foreign concept to be thankfull for something you have, like myself, seen as the enemy, the problem, an embarrasment, flaw and enemy. Then again a body is a tool its a reflection *at times* of how we are feeling on the inside

Of course the inner beauty is different from outer for some

Its funny I see or hear people like on t.v speak about their vision boards or enery healing, law of attraction, etc and how god is in them

Before I would have rolled my eyes like oh god..

BUT I don't because I totallllly get it!

I've never been a religious person. I didn't really grasp God as something as I have discovered him now

When I say god is in me, he is and god is also within you, I truly understand god is everywhere so we all are as 1 and we are everything as everything is us

I'm sure some are reading what I just wrote as "Oh god (no pun intended) she's preaching, or she's kookoo, cult, etc

I know that's what I would think! Whenever I hear the word God immieaditly reminds me of the born again christians the ones who are hypocritcal *not all but some*

See God is not to be feared, like in some religons *I* sometimes see that in

So its a great confidence and strong willfull power feeling I get knowing God is within me

Doesn't mean I'm holly, does not mean I am perfect and will judge anyone or doesn't mean I see everything as a Sin.

Of course not! Just means I'm embracing what I believe and has nothing to do with worrying about the faults of others, if anything I am even more compassionate and here for anyone who needs some positive advice or anything

I have a lot to learn and I'm loving it so far :)

This is the feather that was in was in the book!!!!

oh and just for shits and giggles.. I'm not a name brand whore.. I don't buy anything with leather.. can't see myself paying 230.00 and up for a purse, unless it's given to me! LOL =)~

This is the Guess purse she gave me.. My grandmother's friends use to own Guess Jeans back in the day.. I think this is from Asia...It has leather though so I may give it away or sell it. IT IS CUTE THOUGH!


Anonymous said...

up sukka fo real i wanna thank u for giving me sumthn to believe in we talk alot so i dont think i need to put it all out there but fo real thank u so much for being tha dope ass homie that u are an being my eyes thru tha dark even tho sometimes u gotta smack me to make me relize sum things


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff! Makes me want to read those books you mentioned!

M A R Q U E Z said...

the law of attraction is craaaaazyyy. . . . i know for sure that its the truth. once you start it up and actually believe in your thoughts, they manifest before your eyes. matter of fact, i gotta get back to it! lol