Sunday, January 18, 2009

my prayer answered! pinpoint why ur addicted 2 anything!!!!

If you ever watch Oprah she practically coined the term "Aha moment" The moment where you have a moment of clarity, where something clicks.. That for some people life changing moment where you just get it... Shit is clear and changes your prospective.

So what's my aha moment? Well last night I prayed and asked my Angels, God and The Universe to help me with getting back on track with my exercise and eating right. In alot of my Angel Readings I have been getting Angel Raye (TK) so I prayed and asked for help a something to motivate me.

I wake up on the next day, Sunday Morning My mom bumpen "Handle on The Law" funny foo.. then the "Jesus Christ show" My mom is so not religious! lol then... Jilian Michaels from NBC's The Biggest Loser". I have 1 of her workout DVD'S OMG I ain't ready for that! lol

One of the Topics she touched on was of course weight but more importantly, how contestants can loose all the weight but most likely will gain it back.. Usually People gain it back because of stress, addiction, problems, etc..

This is the point she sayed to think about the times you have gained weight.. and what was going on around that time? I was like Oh Snapples! It's true.. sounds so fucken easy right? Duh.. but I got it. I track everything I have an EXCELLENT memory seriously, since I was 5 years old.. It's a gift and really above average.. anywho I have always had a weight problem.. It's a complex, I have spoken about this many times especially in my blogs.

In the previous blog I spoke about Oprah saying how she is Blessed in her body, I see it as thats the body she has been blessed in as everything she has accomplished, given, etc..

I been through diets, I been through all that shit.. Weight Watchers, however works wonders. When I went Vegan.. man I was healthy, I loved it.

Food has always been a comfort for me.. "What nourishes me Destroys me".

See, I know how to eat and how to workout healthy. I can loose weight so fast, and trust gain it in weeks..

In order to keep a healthy lifestyle you gotta find the emotional reasons.. what brings you to your goal?

I can go on this topic forever, if anyone needs any help or advice get at me.. I'm not a doctor nor professional but I know my shit.

So.. after I heard her show I was like thanks Angels, God & The Universe! (Peep my blog before this one about the message my Angels sent THE PROOF IS THE FEATURE PICTURED! =)

Now instead of using the money I have to go get some Albertos which I did the other day and man did it mess me up lol! I went and got some blueberry's, spinach, etc.. BUT I saw candy.. huge addiction.. and well I haven't been craving but I was at an appt. and I had an idea the office was gonna have some bomb chocolate.. sure enough I found myself grubben on it! So as I'm getting my healthy shit I got a whole bag of "Reese's Whips" after a couple.. I'm thinking why the hell did I eat this? lol.

I have this thing where I can't let food go to waste... or see a grip of candy and not eat it? yea right! lol

I got up this morning went for a walk/Jog.. doin good.. and yet look!

Regardless if I get the message.. it's up to me to carry out.

I Thank god I have this body, sure I would love to have other Female's body.. but you know what this is mine.. and I'm pretty blessed... the basics.. I have all my limbs and more importantly my spirit, soul and of course God is in me, as he is in all of us and everything..

I'm getting there, gonna go workout again right now =)

See-I've had this much already today! lol Damn 99 cents store.. Hi my name is Alexis, and I'm an addict! lol.

Oh and feel free to check out some of my favorite workout DVD'S!

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