Friday, January 30, 2009

prize fucken heffer!

I have been eating so much bullshit. Emotional eating? Okay ill go with that.. But what is "bothering" me? I'm not mocking the expression but I'm not depressed, not mad or angry

So why do I keep stuffing my face????

I do feel a bit distant from my angel readings but the in-print of practicing law of attraction, positive thoughts, blessings and etc are still with me just at a lower frequency is how I can best describe and explain it

Is my inner ego doing its usual?

I feel like I need to be popped. Someone pleaseee de-flate me!!!! I feel sooo huge, I just got my period so okay I see where the feeling of bloating comes from

I am super duper happy I got my period, I know my body well enough that I can loose a good 6 pounds that stay off. Way better then loosing water weight

I don't wanna go outside in the light. Oh how I love jackets and late night stores lol

Very uncomftorable.

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