Friday, January 23, 2009

Blessed by weight?

I was conversing with someone right now and the subject came up about appearance. Living in L.A I think it's an unconscious thought pattern how we view ourself. Hollywood, shit SO. Cal in general is the hot spot, sure there is Vegas, Miami, etc . Less is more especially with clothes and of course. weight.

I have my own issues and complex's with my weight and my appearance.

I struggle with it every single moment.. I notice around this time of course because it's January the ones who are all dedicated to the Gym, eating right, etc..

I had mentioned before how Oprah sayed "God Blessed me in this body" and it's true.. I wrote about this a couple times

God blessed you, in the shell of your body, he doesn't bless those who weigh a certain amount, there is no weight requirement.

I have that in my head where I value my own self on a number, It was taught unknowingly to me from my Grandmother who is stunning.. and totally normal thin.. but has her own issues.

I wrote a blog very recently about my "AHA" moment, how I asked the Angels to send me a little pick me up or something so I can get back into the swing of wanting to excercise as the cards they speak to me in has been telling me. Sure enough Jilian Michaels from The Biggest Looser starts talking about how it's not really the weight, it's not really the food the person is using it's why they are eating. What are you really hungry for? most are emotional eaters, I tend to eat debating on my emotions, sometimes I get addicted to a certain food type, like cookies for 2 weeks, then a certain restaurant for a week, it's weird.

I have almost pin pointed the general realization of why I always go up and down with my weight, I think it's an expression of whats going on in my life.. and other issues I won't go into so, I think once I conquer why, I will finally have a stable weight.

One thing I choose to believe is, god only gives you what you can handle, and more important, I will continue to go through this cycle until I learn the lesson, then I move on to the next.

thats my little 2 cents, for those that have these concerns as well

I have written alot bout weight in these blogs. I still swear not only by Skinny Bitch Vegan Life Style but the next best thing I SWEAR TO YOU is Weight Watchers, if you follow it, it really works and if you chose not follow don't blame the program because it's as easy as your gonna get to eating what you want and loosing weight..

anywho. thats my tid bit for today.

OH and by the way I bought Ms Michael's "30 Day Shred" OH MY GOD IT KICKED MY ASS IN THE FIRST LEVEL, IN THE FIRST 3 MINUTES I WAS SORE! so take caution! stretch!

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