Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random shit on my mind right now

So my mom hasn't sayed shit about the Porno.. blah I'm over it.. shit.. there's way worse shit in the house L.O.L


not gonna write a long whoa is me blog like Friday even though blah I'm wasting time in my life...

"Sweet Dream or a Beautiful Nightmare" is the chorus from Beyonce's new CD. Yes.. I sayed Beyonce! She is bad fucken ass.. what a talent.. she's gorgeous.. awesome dancer, talented actress.. I love her.. only thing I refuse to buy of her products.. She has Fur in her clothing line. Anywho Bday CD I am loving.. I'm a bit late since it came out in 07.. But I really like some of the songs..very catchy..

Some people associate me with Hip Hop.. cool thanks =) But my dears.. My definition of Hip Hop is very slim and doesn't include anyone on the radio.. well 99% of the shit on the radio.. Beyonce isn't Hip Hop.. Her husband..could be mostly classified as Hip Hop.. not counting however.. the 15 minute mashup of all the the shit he's jacked lol comedy. but I like Jay-Z's early shit.. anywho...

Some of the Beyonce songs are stuck in my head and I have been listening over and over..

such as OH and the videos? youtube them HOT!
B-Day-Upgrade you-I LOVE THIS SONG!
B-Day-Suga Mama-Love the beat
B-Day-Dreams-(on her new cd, I really love the melody)
B-Day-Kitty Kat-Damn she hot in this video!
B-Day-Freakum Dress

I also like Britney Spear's Circus C.D.. I have always liked Britney Spears, except for her 2 first albums, I love "Gimme Gimme" whatever.. that song is fucken hot!

anywho...... I have been going to sleep around 4-5am.. waken up at 2-3:30pm.. yea sure something is wrong.. haven't taken the meds.. period.. feelen the blah blah blah bullshit. I'm bored. I need a change.. The CHANGE of the infamous 2009 I have lagged on.. started so high on my spiritual shit and well.. slowly and slowly holding on to it.. Money is a major unspoken issue.. to lazy to close it.

Haven't expelled in a long time..

what is nourishing me is destroying me( 3 for a dollar ain't bad!).. maybe literally? who knows prolly....whatever so dramatic lol gay.

thank god the period passed, way less moody and intense!

I'm bored.. blah blah blah.. million things going through my head.. seems clear but anything but.. like a wheel spinning.. each half of the "pie" YUM PIE is divided with little thoughts, worries, fantasies (sorry nothing sexual... hmmm.. kinda lol) illusions, dreams, pleasantries.. blah blah and blah.

I know asking questions about certain things.. with the little knowledge.. I have the answers..

but in happier news.. I was literally just browsing the bulletins and this dude who I see his updates on myspace about his Twitter.. (btw do you twitter?.. I barely knew her!) jk..

anywho his video completely cracked me up LMAO!

After watching this.. Sam (lol @ me callen her Sam like I know her!) reminds me of someone.. and I can see the attraction.. Her brother is funny as fuck! I love peeps like that!

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