Friday, January 30, 2009

fast food gripes, other shit that is annoying me

I'm on my cell. So excuse the typos!!!

Its Friday night but I aint singing "This is how we do it"

I'm not being bitchy, there's just some thing that annoy me. I tend to write when I'm annoyed. Blah

Yes its that time of the month but I'm not all evil and emotional as I usually get

However, some of my readers love these kind lol!

Well one is. I go to this fast food drive thru way to many times a week! It ain't Weight Watchers approved I'll tell you that much!

Anywho I order something very simple and I always ask for 2 red salsa's. This shit is soooo good I swear I can drink it! Plus its cheap as hell and oh so bueno!!!!

So sometimes 1 of the chicks isn't let's just say Employee for customer service of the month, now I have worked fast food and duh I know about customer service but I also know not everyone is having a good day. I get that. I was raised to call or leave a note of how well the service or person was blah

I'm not kidding I go there a lot, so much in fact I should be signing their paychecks as I drive up!

Now let's talk about Subway! I love subway. That's rich people food sometimes. Spending 5 bucks a day plus the added chips and drink? Everyday? I use to go there every fucken day!

Anywhoo when your getting a 6inch sub its not that wack if its not stuffed

But! If you get a footlong and its a veggie delite, its pretty wack when they put like 6 pickles on a motha fucken footlong! And they go so fucken fast!

Why do they scoop up the cup with ice? You get like an ounce of beverage! Yea I sayed beverage! Lol

Ohhhh and why do people hit me up and expect me to remember everything THEY selfish ass's got going on?

I don't got their ass on my google alerts, I'm not getten updates on twitter... I don't have their calender/schedule on mine!

Oh! And why do I have "followers" now? You know when I don't like someone at all I don't bookmark their myspace's or read their blogs, expecten to see my name in theirs. Vain ass's... I don't waste my time putten blasts out looken for attention

So if you don't like me, why do you read this? Why do you *care*? Cause ya do :)


You know what really drives me nuts, so much in fact I am offended?

Omg the way some people eat. I feel horrible but dude!!!!! I love this 1 person with every dna milistrand in my being but fucken shit I wanna strangle my self the way this person ... Not chews, in fact the lack there of.. And the sound of someone taking a "sip" of water or whatever they are drinking that gulp sound!!!!!!!!!!! Omg it drives me insane!!!!!!!!!!!

Have people lost common sense? Some things some people I know do... And don't do lol

I'm moody...... 4 more days :) lol jk!!

Oh and fuck manipulating and using bitches.....

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