Monday, October 20, 2008

This cop had mercy on me! when he pulled me over!

So I have gotten 2 pinche tickets this year! I rarely get a ticket anywho I am pretty much a good driver .. I ALWAYS use my turn signal .. I was maken a left turn and I guess I didn't use my turn signal.. my ass was hungry so I'm going to my fav spot Taco Bizell lol. as I was about to turn and I notice a cop behind me I'm hoping he's hungry as well lol. NOPE he pulls me over..

Now mind you before I left my pad I wasn't gonna wear my tennis shows? I rarely do that but I was lazy.. I should have brought my I.D but I thought blah the spot is just a couple blocks away.. anywho thank god I wore a bra right? LOL. I had a tank top and a mini jean skirt.. MY car was TRASHED I mean it looked like a mini hurrican .. I had a grip of papers that fell out.. I dunno I just let it get reallllllllll dirty and messy!

I had my ins. car but no form of I.D what so ever!!! not even my registration .. AHHH!

so he walks up and I'm like DAMN MAN I got already 2 tickets! He walks up and takes a look at my car LOL. he's like the usual asking for my i.d and crap im like I dont have it on me I left it at my house.. he's checking out my car and asks me whos car was it? it's under my moms and me .. OMG to get out the car? he prolly thought it was a stolen .. OH MY GOD! so then I look back and theres 2 back up cars.. First of all I'm a chick.. he searches me I don't got crap on me.. he couldn't obviously search me to good lol I'm thinking he's gonna call a woman cop.. anywho it's Arcadia people it aint that serious CALMATE WITH YOUR 2 BACK UP CARS so I'm kinda laughing.. like whatever.. I'm very nice and calm.. I've been around cops and crap CANT STAND THEM but I know how to act .. so he asks me to sit on his bumper of the car.. so he's searching my car COMEDY!

so I sit all proper and shit and the 2nd cop WHO IS A FUCKEN BITCH .. asks me "Who put that "NO FUR" sticker on your car.. i'm like My mom.. WTF IS THAT? then he asks what is Psycho Realm and I tell him (I have like 2 stickers of the realm and a thingy that goes around the license plate.. he's like "What does Soldada" mean? I'm thinking you really are from Arcadia huh.. So I tell him Soldier .. he asks what I do for a living I tell him .. Then I ask if I may call my mom (since the cop didn't let me take my phone with me) he's like I D0N'T KNOW I CANT READ HIS MIND .. I'm like I didn't ask you to. He just looks at me.. so the cop searching my car is like DAMN lol I can see his face.. He couldn't believe how fucken dirty and trashed my car was EMBARRASSING .. so they both ask me if I had any identity on me.. I'm like I got a Gym card? lol but no pic on it.. nope.

Ok so the TRUE EMBARRASSING PART if I may get a bit graphic..the day before I went to do laundry at my homegirls pad and I had a an article of clothing that lets just say mother nature "Curse" the time of the month wasn't to kind (LADIES YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT). I had balled it up and I guess it fell out but since it was just shorts folded up I forgot what I had in it... so all of a sudden I see him go in my backseat and I'm like OH MY FUCKEN GOD I THINK I LEFT MY SHORTS IN IT!!!!!! OMG thought OMG he's gonna totally go through it since I could have something in it.. OH MY GOD so he comes back to me and he's like "Well you got the award for dirtiest car award" LMAO! He's like "I won't give you a ticket just make sure you signal"

I WAS LIKE OMG THANK YOU! I had no fucken I.D nothing to prove it was me or a stolen car so maybe he felt pity for me cuz my damn car was so messy .. prolly thought.. she got enough on her plate LOL.

So I get in my car and to my HORROR I see that particular article of clothing straight up for the world to see OMG OMG OMG SO EMBARRASSING I WAS HORRIFIED!

But thanks Mr. 5 0 lol it had totally slipped my mind lol needless to say I went right home and did some laundry!

I think my attitude of being nice and cool respectful is the main reason I was let go.. if it was on COPS I prolly would have been arrested for show then let go with a mad ticket.

anywho thats my story I thought it was funny


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God, how embarrassing!