Friday, October 24, 2008


I feel so good.. I was off bed rest in October.. I went from not being able to walk nor bend.. to now RUNNING!

I love to workout.. sometimes I get in my moods where I don't feel like it or I put it off and make excuses.. like everyone does right?

anywho, I thought when I had my injury not only would I probably not be able to do the Vegas Strip Tease (the one that put me on bed rest in the first place lol check my Carmen Electra blog for that)

I thought I wouldn't be able to bend or workout like I usually did.. I Love doing workout videos, Running is something like an accomplishment to me because I was never a runner .. until a couple years ago. It's a high. I may not push myself as I should would I run.. I'm more of a jogger.

So I went walking, my ankle tends to act up thats what I was scared of.. cuz I like to workout heavily moving, dancing, and I didn't want to make it worse..

I just got back from RUNNING! YAYY.. I went running the day before I feel damn good! Today I went longer!

BUT I just got back.. as I'm writing this my patio door is open.. I'm hella hot.. and the fucken chain smokers .. the smoke is going right into my pad! IT'S FUCKEN ANNOYING! I got a headache.. I don't smoke.. but I don't being around it..but shit it's all I smell! I have a fan blowing the smoke but fuck.. I'm irritated.. I have to wait for the air to come on..

ANYWHO.. running, workout period is a good way to get the endorphins? whatever the hell your body releases thats a natural something something.. I dunno but its good.

if you look at my blog about last week how I wasn't feeling good. blah blah blah.. I got back on my meds.. And I'm cool.. I now have the want to workout! and start to eat better.. When I went total vegan I lost so much weight and I was so fucken healthy..

now I'm vegetarian which cool to but Im more of a junk food one.. I love me some candy, blah blah.

anywho this is an update!!! =)

i can bend, do everything, biggest test will be when I wear my stilettos! cuz if I can't.. WE GONNA HAVE SOME PROBLEMS UP IN HURR!

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