Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally off Bed Rest!

First weekend!!!! I didn't mind staying home all the fucken time but shit... I still haven't gotten the "official" okay from my doctor but I'm with my body 24/7 and I feel good.

Last week I felt so weird I had to meet my friend to get something and just getting ready.. driving.. being out in the world lol.. I decided to do some shopping with her and my ankle wasn't throbbing as bad as I thought it would. Shit I'm happy I can walk and bend! =) The driving didn't effect it bad either. Which is a good thing.

I had to go to court Monday.. standing in line for over an hour.. then I went to the mall.. lots of walking and I feel good.

I went out for the first time last night! I had a really good time.. and my ankle wasn't throbbing.. the pain in my lower back-hip-joint is gone. I tried to go walking for an hour but it's been so hot and humid in L.A even at 7pm! I went for like 10 minutes then came home..

I tried stretching a little.. to see how far I can bend and what I was able to do.. things seem to be okay.. I don't want to push it either. I'm taking it slow.

The big test will be if I can wear heels.. Im not gonna press my luck by wearing my stilettos.. but I have some boots.. still stiletto type but not really.. I don't do flats.. unless they are tennis shoes lol.

I appreciate everone's concern. I'm cool.. I hope I don't go over board and do to much and make it worse. I don't want to go backward! I know the injury is going to have a lasting effect and may take sometime. I might have to go to Physical Therapy soon. Aver que..

I have some stuff planned for this weekend and next.. even if it's just chillen somewhere I don't long as I'm out of the house lol. Not that I mind the pad.. but if it's the weekend why not!

So thats my story =)

-Oh and yes I will do the workout dvd videos again! just with not as much "umph" and maybe not for a while! lol.

-Why am I on bed rest? check the blog "Carmen Electra put me on bed rest"

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