Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Now my food & sleeping pattern controlled!

Since I been taking my meds last week. Wow. I changed my insomnia and sleep schedule! I started working out, walking/jogging. I feel really good. Last weekend I ate alot of crap but whatever. This week I shopped and got some really good healthy food and the best part all under 20.00! I feel different.. like disciplined.. and that's hard for me to do! But I have my gut instinct this is going to stay.

I have been working out everyday. I have this cute ass black dress I want to wear Friday for the Cypress Haunted Hill show Friday. I was afraid of getting my period because we all know the bloating and what not. The reason why I usually love getting my period because regardless of the inconvenience it's a proven fact for me the more water you drink and cut back on sweets the more weight you loose.. sure it may be water weight but for me it doesn't come back! Unless I go back to eating crap.

I never could get how the hell people wake up at 5am!!!!! Now if I wake up at 6am I feel kinda dissapointed. However I had some stuff on my mind last night I ended up taking 1 last night., for the past 2 days however I didn't need the pills.

I woke up today finally at 9am!!! not good for me!

The pills helped me get my sleeping back on track. I would fall asleep before 11pm and wake up around 5/5:30! I love taking my morning walk/jog.

In the morning I have my instant regular oatmeal with a Banana, preferably small because I'm not to keen on bananas I don't want to waste it.

I love me some food, and It's so hard to resist especially chocolate!!! but now.. I'm sticking to it, no more excuses or convincing my self I can eat it and work it off later.

I am trying to eat every couple of hours. So for lunch I have a potatoe.. I clean it good, get a sharp thick knife and just cut into it a shit load, then I spread olive oil all over and wrap it in a plastic bag. I put it in the microwave.. yes microwave.. and after about 6 minutes, it's hot and soft insde. I put a little tiny margarine.. Last week I was putting salt and shit but now I don't need it.

Then Instead of making my salsa which is 100% natural ingredients, I find it easier and cheaper to get some pre-made salad in a bag.. just lettuce, what not, I pour a lil olive oil and Blasmic Vinegar which I was never really found of but It's cool now.. I chop up some onions, and a little tinie winie of garlic.. trust I learned my lesson, talk bout a little goes along way lol and thats about it.. I put all of it together then with my hands I mix it up.. I learned that on a cooking show.. less messy and just is easier to get everything mixed in.

a couple hours later I get a green apple, chop it up in slices and put a tad of organic creamy peanut butter this shit is hella fatning I guess in a good way but still.

Then for dinner, maybe the same as I described or I get a Vega Boca Burger with some Mustard on the side.. It tastes like steak. i know people think veggie patties burgers don't taste good but trust there are so many brands, can't base 1 on one. and again, a little salad. I will switch it up a little here and there but for now I'm good.

then for a snack again, the apples and peanut butter. Even though I love to grub on junk food, I have always loved vegetables and fruit. When I went vegan I loved it. I am now vegetarian, I still don't eat meat or fish but I do love junk food, Vegan doesn't mean only animal products, means anything process.. I'll go into that subject soon.

I am so glad I can bend! When I had my injury I thought I wouldn't be able to. I do make sure I stretch alot more. I want to add more to my workouts everyday, but I don't want to do to much to fast.

I did start my period which I have been waiting for.. so now I'm drinking lots more water besides that I see a little weight difference on the good side! =) so imagine when my period is over in 5 days? I will see a differnce I know I will =)

I think a problem for me is when I'm not home and I have to be out with friends or it's late night.. ahhhh

I went to taco bell for my mom last night.. I really like taco bell but I didn't get anything.

Today I had an appt. and there was chocolate candy they had..I looked at it and thought nothing of it.

When I go to stores for my sweet tooth I just don't pay attention. Especially since Halloween is coming! But I'm happy with I got right now. I plan to keep it up.

So my dears that is my update thus far.

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