Monday, October 20, 2008


Okay so it's Monday .. I am feeling so fucken good!

That day when I wrote the blog it was early Saturday.. I had to do errands with my mom.. I think I passed my negative energy however to her. Pobresita! lol. After recyling we went to Taco Bell.. we always go through drive though but since we were in 2 cars (we were switching cars, getten registration) so I dunno I just a negative energy.. which I can pick up sometimes.. so my mom suggested I start taking off the licenese plates so we can just go right in.. so im outside and im like why is my mom taking long?

so she comes out 15 minutes later PISSED! my mom is hella chill.. she's the kind of person who will call to say what a good experience she had or the employee who was kind to her, etc.. So I guess the girl at the register kept fucken up and over charged my mom and gave her the wrong change.. and when my mom suggested she just void and start all over again the girl wouldn't? I dunno so the line was getting bigger and people were getting mad.. but shit you would do the same thing if someone was getting your money and order wrong right?

so the employee goes over her manager and says "THERE'S A PROBLEM WOMAN OUT THERE"

my mom was PISSED! she turned around and sayed sorry but this girl is getten my order wrong.. But people were still pissed lol. So the mananger gave my mom free food and all was coo but she was LIVID! she cracked me up when my mom tells me "Oh hell no I almost went 310 ghetto on her ass" My mom is so not like that but piss her off and it's on like donkey kong

when thing is if you look at my mom wrong I will beat your ass. I ain't scared.

anywho I was like sorry mom guess my negative energy passed on to you!

So yesterday I was cool but shit I got bomarded from downloading.. yahoo messenger, Aim, my blackberry messenger.. tons of peeps hitten me up.. DON'T GET ME WRONG I LOVE speaken to peeps but I was drained and just AHHHHH so I turned everything off and went to lay down.

... Today I'M FUCKEN PEACHY .. I don't remember if I slept Saturday night? NOPE! I finally fell asleep at 4:00pm last night.. and I woke up at 10pm? not that long right? so I took a sleeping pill cuz I knee if I didn't I would have been up probably all day today.. So the pill worked but I did wake up through out the night.. I had some breakfeast. I feel really good happy.. even though I was on bed rest last month I'm gonna try to do some light workout.. I usually love to workout.. so bed rest was hard for me!

So im handlen shit right now.. I wanted to get up early cuz I get my workout on.. but it's almost 9am and still haven't worked out! LOL. I can't do to much don't wanna strain myself.

so I'm feelen good. I think the meds kicked in =)

que mas? .. hmmm OH My long awaited from trackball from my blackberry should come in a couple days YAY I can't navigate through my phone without it.. I learned the sneaky ways to text people, call and my blackberry messenger.. which is hard to keep up with .. I got around 75 on my list.. it's crazy anywhoo..

Music has helped my mood found some DOPE songs!

I made a blog on my favorites .. if your looken for new music shit like that I put some videos of the song from Belanova.. Vicente Fernandez.. CHENTE.. Y VOLVER VOLVER lol. His new song from my favorite Novela right now "Fuego en La Sangre"!

So I guess until I get my sleeping pattern back in check I'm gonna have to sacrifice my 1am Novela.. "Amarte es Mi Pecado" IT'S SO FUCKEN GOOD THOUGH! but gotta do what I gotta do right?

So thats my story.. hope I continue to feel this good. My meds don't fix anything they help and sure thats part of it.. but Therapy, eating and ecercising helps. some people think it's a something that fixes everything and it doesn't you gotta do your part it just allows you to chill out...

OH wanna see the blog lol it's on my other blog site.. the link is on this page..

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