Friday, August 7, 2009

My Favorite Nail Products!

So.. I am obsessed with My nails. Ever since I let them grow out. Thank god my nails are strong and healthy, even after I've had Acrylics on for months.

I wanted to do a video blog for this, not sure why but I felt like it. Obviously that wasn't accessible to me at this time.

When I actually let them grow out, they are gorgeous if I do say so myself! and I do!!!

I am forever changing colors, trying to find the Nail Polish that actually doesn't chip!

I LOVE getting the French Tips when I get acrylics but I have the hardest time trying to do it myself on my natural nails.

I even used those white strips they sell to help you shape them, yea.. well doesn't really work for me. At times the white "stripe" on my natural nails can become kind of bulky.

So I went to walmart looking for a hot dark pink kind of color, and I was thinking about getting some white nail polish.

Then I saw THIS!

I even saw it in BLACK!

So I went home and omg I was shocked at how easy it is. Now the best part is, even when it's dry it doesn't CHIP! It's so SMOOTH!

I went to take it off, and I got the Nail Polish Remover, a trick to get it off fast is if you put some removal on a cotton ball then press it on the nail, hold it there for 3-5 seconds, the color on the nail comes off CLEAN!

I always do that, and to my surprise the white tip was very hard to come off, which I LOVED!

Before I give it all the credit to the French Tip Pen, I do give it a 100%, however, a good 10% of the outcome came about from a multi use -Emery Board I got. One side of the Emery Board is for Shaping, and on the other was half for Smoothing and the other for Shine. I loved that it was clearly marked and color coated so it's "Fool Proof" Makes a HUGE difference in the appearance of my nails.
This Emery Board/Shine/Smoothing (I got at CVS for $3.00!) in 1 is a Product from "Trim" they have a really good line of inexpensive Nail Tools at

Now I also needed a new base and top coat, usually I get them from Sally Hansen but I ended up going with this. I am very pleased with the outcome with this product as well, this is from Nailene (who also makes the French Tip Pen)

Yes, I could have gotten the French Tip Pen Kit but I don't really like beige color that came with it.

I'm not the best photographer, My hands look like Monkey Feet lol. I tried my best =)

ALSO! I ended up getting DIGITAL from Salley Hansen from their Hi Definition Nail Color Line.

I LOVE IT! It was only $5.00 and I am very happy with it.

It looks different colors because of the sun outside. I think it looks way better in person though!

Makes my nails look like Acrylics but NOPE "They are Real & Fabulous" lol. ! I love getting my nails done but not having to go every 2 weeks for a fill. I don't miss that at all.

By the way I got all these products from Wal-Mart! Except the Emery Board.

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Debbie said...

Hey girl it's debbie from the boonies. Crazy i recently let my nails grow. I been trying to find a good polish. I'm gonna try the hd product. The colors look koo. Ur nails do not look like monkey feet lol. They look nice. Real nails looks so much better .Thanks for the info.