Friday, March 27, 2009

My Friday -I'm Pooped!

I don't know why but to me personally feels like my blogs haven't been that interesting to some? or maybe just not that interesting to me?

I did not want to take up this morning but I am a punctual person and if I have to be somewhere at a certain time, I am there on the dot. I was soooooo tired! took me forever to go to sleep last night. I got up mad early.

I had a meeting with Tone & Jack (Psycho Realm) regarding Jack's new project "Stray Bullets". The meeting started late, I was STARVING then I remembered I had some protein bars I got in my trunk.. I swore I thought one was "Caramel Nut Bust" LMAO it was Nut Blast. My peeps on Twitter got a kick out of that, as I pointed out to one.. I don't allow any nuts busting or blasting in my mouth.. LMAO!

So The meeting started, Basically I got a shit load of Hip Hop/Radio Sites, etc from all over the world, literally, for Jack to do Interviews, etc.. Jack played some dope tracks from the new project..I went over the sites, and we strategist which was going to be done in person, phone, email, etc. Plus for the Release Party, In stores, Upcoming appearances, etc.

I also had to meet up with 1 of their dudes who wanted to meet with me to promo/market his 2 stores and other business, that went well also.

I love networking, and I love what I do.

I got some stuff lined up for Immortal Technique, Interview wise, which is dope, His music is the shit!

The plan was to leave the studio around 3 so I can make it home by 4:30. I was going to have dinner with 1 of my oldest friends, who I call Christanka, only other person besides my mom and maybe 1 other person that knows everything about me. I had her hold some money from me which I thought she was going to give me but it didn't come through in time.. so I was like dang! She doesn't live close but Soup Plantation is our spot so either way I was happy plus I got a coupon! lol trust me made a big difference..

Ok so I got home in time.. Got a check in the mail, I really don't like dealing with a certain bank, but I've had luck cashing it there so I go in and the girl tries to tell me some bullshit, fuck them tryen to play me.

My phone was going dead!!!!! I didn't have my car charger, and I don't like to be without my phone, I figured I had enough time to cash the check a little farther and pay my cell phone since it was due today...

So I cash it, then head back, and proceed to T-Mobile.. Now the story with them starts earlier this month. I have Flex Pay which is the SHIT, I used my moms credit card earlier this month, since it's pro-rated the amount was less.. Now You can have "Easy Pay" where they automatically take out the amount from the bank account. Of course I would NEVER click YES. especially since this was a CUSTOM PAYMENT.

My billing cycle starts the 28th of every month. So why my mom got a charge for my entire April payment is beyond me. Why are they charging her on the fucken 22nd? I didn't click EASY PAY! I called Tuesday right.. had a HORRIBLE DAY.. I got the girl on the phone from T-Mobile saying "I'll take off Easy Pay" I tell her common sense I didn't click Easy Pay

1. If I clicked Easy Pay how could I customize it for an amount less then my bill
2. If I clicked Easy Pay you get 5.00 off your bill.. So why would you charge me for the full amount?


The girl was very nice.. and I asked to speak to her supervisor because she was very help full, I asked the Supervisor to RE-CONFIRM they are refunding my moms card. and she did.

so my mom tells me yesterday, her card is still being charged.

OK so I get to the T-Mobile store today and I give the dude cash, he tells me my account is payed and there is no balance, I calll my mom asked her if they removed the charge she says NO. He's like well we took off Easy Pay


So not much he can do. He says "why don't you just give the money to your mom" I'm like ugh NO

1. Say they are in the process of refunding my moms money, and right at this moment I give my mom cash.. then I'm fucked when my service is interrupted?

2. If next month Tmobile decides to charge my mom whenever they feel like it.. There is no recourse that I put in a complaint? like nothings wrong?

I don't think so. So as my phone shuts off my friend says she's at my pad.

Were off to SP! Christanka ay dios this girl! See I am a cool person, most things I won't make an issue out of except if I'm directly disrespected but Christanka ain't go no shame lol.

Soup Plantation is kind of like a buffet. You start at the Salad Bar then you pay, then you sit then you can get whatever you want from different food stations.

Today was crowded so when we payed we had to wait to be seated because there wasn't many available seats, so we were the next to be seated when the line started backing up like a traffic Jam lol. A Party behind us started to walk to find seats when 1 of the dudes noticed we were waited to be seated, Honestly I didn't care if they found seats, it's not a big deal to me honesty, bigger battles in life. Christanka starts maken comments to them i'm like OMG. lol.

We have our little routine.. She gets the Bread, I get the Drinks. She comes back with like 1 half of a piece of bread? I can NOT eat my salad comfy without the bread, It's just what I do..

She says homeboy told her "I'm not making anymore bread till more people ask for it" WHAT THE FUCK? Knowing how she is, I figured I would go check in a little bit. So I go and there is NOTHING so I ask when he will be putting the bread out he sayed "Not Now" okay thats fucken rude. So I went to the head and asked her why they aren't serving the bread? she sayed what? who told you that? I told her what I was told she rolled her eyes and sayed No, we ALWAYS serve bread, I told her how can people ask for what they don't think there is lol.

Now Christina is speaking about her adorable daughter, but she is making the EXACT faces, facial expression oh my god. At times she makes weird faces to impersonate people period and it's NOT flattering, it dawned on me she kind of looks "slow" So I kept on my sun glasses, not being drastic but this shit was embarrassing, if she was "Slow" no problem, the problem was is she isn't and it's seriously causing attention, knowing that I'm getting embarrassed she does it even MORE lol. It was funny but I told her .. "Girl you already got Bad Karma don't add to it."

A couple next to use kept getting up and getting more and more food, for some reason I noticed it and then wanted a couple more pieces of the pizza, so I go and get it, which is weird, Christina started doing the same, as were grubben she made a comment about the couple noticing they keep going back and forth and how if they can we all can lol. Towards the end THE BREAD FINALLY CAME LOL.

as were leaving Christina was going to tell them "I FORFIT YOU WIN" but I stopped her and got her the hell out of there before she intentionaly embarrassed me further lol.

As were walking out a older couple was chillen in the car, 1 was asleep, this broad walks by shaking the keys to wake her up.. You see what I mean.. Bad Karma.. the ride home wasn't any better LOL I texted her husband "I feel bad for you I am so embarrassed" he texts back "You wanted to have dinner with her!" LOL.

Anyway, I get home finally and call Tmobile! The lady sayed that the person I spoke to earlier in the week only "Took off Easy Pay" and not credited the bank back. POR DIOS!!!!!!!!!! I was like I DIDN'T CLICK EASY PAY!!! LOL.

She was really nice, she promised to the high Heavens my moms card wouldn't get charged again. I just ended up giving my mom the cash, and the nice lady put it in the notes. I felt bad I should have asked to speak to her manager and praise her for her help. She was the one who deserved it.

I am so tired.

I am going back to the studio tomorrow to close the deal then start on his sites.

This week has been pretty good, I posted 3 new interviews on, News and Updates on Blogging& and

I'm VERY excited that Chino XL will be my new client. I'm a HUGE fan, and friend, so You will be seeing alot more of him as his new album drops! =)

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