Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing is written in Stone

If I had a centavo for everytime my mom has sayed that.. she has TONS of those similes? I think you call it?

like "Always have your ducks in a row" or I dunno other shit, when I think of some I will add.. anywho..

My mom is one of those people that have awesome people skills, she can bargain almost anything from what the price tag cost is..

Me on the other hand? well I'm not one to haggle, either I can afford the price or not.. however there are CERTAIN things in life I don't take NO or think it's "Written in stone"

GOOGLE is a GREAT example, I'll elaborate on that later including other things and ways nothing is written in stone, but I'm a little tired right now so I will just post my rand and some tidbits and add to this later.

Sometimes my clients will pay me in checks, for some reason 99% They bank with Washington Mutual. Well I don't bank with WaMu.. so there is 1 branch where I live and they are extremely rude.. asken me questions about who I bank with, etc.. given me fucken tude.. Feels like that Pretty Woman clip where she's shoppen at a store in Rodeo minus me and the hooker boots.. I got the fucken cash just cash the shit already.. and of course always rude and THEY SWEAR I CAN NOT CASH THE CHECK THERE BECAUSE I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT. first it was cause I didn't have proper I.D to meet their criteria..

I didn't give up, I went a couple minutes away to another one, AND THEY CASHED IT. NO PROBLEM WHAT SO FUCKEN EVER. Didn't even notice one of my I.D's had expired.. (like my mom says.. The I.D expired, I didn't)


I dreaded walking in there.. so I present the money order, I pull out my I.Ds and the lady tells me

-Do you have an account with us?


-I'll be right back

couple minutes later..

-We can't cash this if you don't have an account, You can cash it at YOUR bank. OR You can open an account with us for 100.00 blah blah blah..

me- Okay hmm.. So your telling me I can't cash this WASHINGTON MUTUAL MONEY ORDER that was Purchased from your own Washington Mutual customer because? I'm not a customer? it's not a personal check.. it's a Money Order.

-Yes, You need to cash it at your own bank.

me- Really, so there is no way you can help me with this?

-I'm sorry but thats our Policy

me-Anything to get new customers even drive off potentials.

text can't translate her fucken attitude and tone.

So I go back to my faith full WaMu down the street practically..I walk up..the girl looks, says I need to 2 I.D's, of course I pull out the old and the new I.D's, she says

-We can't take these 2 forms of I.D Together, do you have any credit cards with your picture?

me-No, this is all I have

-I am so sorry but we need a credit card or another form of I.D to go along with your licence, I'm really sorry,

me-okay, cool, what about Social Security?

-Yes, Perfect! we take that =)

me-Shit I left it at home, can I come back?

-I'm sorry about that, sure come back and I will cash it for you =)

I go home and come right back, I get another teller, so I first tell her how I had a horrible experience at the other branch and how this one is my favorite because of the great customer service which is 100% TRUE. They are nicer here.

SO I give her my 2 forms of I.D and my SSCard.. she says how sorry she is I had a horrible experience.. I tell her how the lady next to her was immensely helpful, especially since I don't have a WaMu account, I may think about opening one up since I live down the street and everyone is friendly here.......................

She was SO fucken nice.. she sayed it's nice to hear positive feedback instead of always negative and she practically gift wrapped the bills when she was cashing the money order =)

I asked her if I could write a comment card or speak to manager about her and the lady before her who helped me, she was like wow really? .... She put me in the SYSTEM so I shouldn't have any trouble next time =)


so my point, If I listened to that idiotic branch who told me no way could I do what I did.. ACTUALLY the couple times I tried that branch first (cause it's literally around the corner) they always told me no ...

but I didn't give up and I was going to cash that pinche Money Order one way or another...............

also I was raised to always give positive feedback to anyone who goes out of their way or just basically friendly and shows a bit of friendliness. I will ask to speak to their manager, supervisor, write a comment card, suggestion box, call or email about how I appreciate the way the worker was to me and why.

PLUS it makes that person feel good to know people actually took the time to appreciate them. Who wouldn't love praise from someone? especially if their boss is an ass and and a customer is raving about them =)

Sometimes if I'm really irritated with a person I will complain. I do know alot of people might have things going on I may not know about so I try to just let it go..

I sayed try lol sometimes people don't like their jobs and they get stupid with you the customer! fuck that. I'm not asking for a kiss ass, I'm just asking for a eye contact and/or no rude ass comments.

Okay now every ones heard "Think outside the Box" which is kinda what I do in my business.. Marketing, Promoting.. what would sell where, how and why.. where does the traffic flow, demographic frequent? likes and dislikes..

My friend Christanka is a huge bargain shopper, she is good at it. You just gotta look for things, discounts, specials, mark offs, etc..

I'm not much of a shopper but I do now 99 cent store IS MY STORE! If you've seen my blogs on the 99 cent store, I aint' fucken around, they are not my client but I am all about letting peeps know about shit.. You can get LITERALLY ALMOST A N Y T H I N G there, pillow cases, thongs, FRESH PRODUCE, Ass Jelly, Condoms and Birth Control all in 1 isle lol, I mean EVERYTHING .. and it's not cheap knock offs or deformed shit, it's real brand name shit.. even Disney takes over an isle...

I actually do alot of my grocery shopping there... where at markets I would spend probably 30.00 no lie.. FUCK THAT.

Now for Google. I am a google queen, I use it all the time, I'm always using it for everything. If I need info on something I will google that bitch till it comes up. Amazing people will aks me if I seen something or lyrics, or whatever and they can't find anything on the net, but I google it and it comes up!

remember YOU CAN ALWAYS FIND THE SAME THING FOR CHEAP. Not everything Brand name, Commercial , National Chains, etc ONLY SELL WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR.. lots and lots of discount places are popping up especially in this economy.

Go to OPRAH.COM she has AMAZING tips and stories of couples who are pro's at bargain hunting and getting more for less.. etc..

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