Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I've had many animals, many cats all from shelters! they are the BEST.

I have a thing for Persian cats, they are huge and fluffly, little pushed in faces, they are high maintenance due to their small noses, they can have alot of health problems. They are also very dositle and gorgeous.

This is our 2nd Persian Rafeed. My mom has a thing with naming Persians Persian names lol my other one R.I.P was King Raffi

anywho my little love bug aka Rafeed? I call him Papito..

The Before

and the AFTER

We had him groomed..he feels so much better.. all he wants to do is snuggle .. he HAS to lay half of his body on me.. he snuggles up next to me, positions his 2 front paws on my arm then lays down. It's ADORABLE.

If I'm not paying attention to him he will get up and literally plop in position somewhere else, he likes to lay on my tennis shoes, he uses them as pillows, sooo cute.

I don't know why my cats lay like this but I LOVE IT. It's ADORABLE.

I can go on and on about all the adorable shit my cats do.. sooooooo cute! but I will keep it short.

My 1st Persian .. R.I.P (excuse my messy bed)

My cat Smokey is 14 years old.

I always catch her laying with her paw over her face.. so cute.

anywhoooooo thats my story

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