Thursday, March 19, 2009

Has this ever happened to you? Law of Attraction/Manifestation/etc.

If your familiar with Manifestation.. Law of Attraction... etc then you will know what I'm talking about.

If not, most assume things are "coincidence" .. I use to think that way until I started learning about Spirituality, the connection between our energy's, God, The Universe, Angels etc..

I don't believe in luck anymore, thats a not a negative statement. I believe everything happens for a reason. I truly believe things are pre-destined. Things happen for a reason,

But I get confused because I question it again with.. if things are already pre-destined.. then how can I have the freedom to create and manifest things at my own free will if everything happens for a reason? or do does that very question cancel it self out with a way of explaining it as.. What I'm manifesting isn't really me thinking freely.. because if things are happening for a reason, What if I thought about things that were totally off track to what my purpose or what is planned for me?

let me confuse me and you even more with.. I've read a couple of books now spiritual related, etc and it conveys the message that we are here for a purpose. To learn the lessons we set out with God before we were born.. So with that.. what about the people that never really amounted to anything? I don't think thats what they chose..but then again, it's up to us to learn the lessons in life ... but then I think.. how does that go on the side of things happen for a reason? pre-destined?

I suggest you research your own info on Law of Attraction/Manifestation ..and I don't mean the fluff of "The Secret"

Your thoughts literally do become your reality it's not like oh I think I want a million dollars, and bam it happens, but then again anything is possible..My friend Janice puts everything so eloquently.. For more on this I HIGHLY Recommend reading her blogs Click Here

I think some people are more intuitive then others, although I think we all have intuition, that gut feeling that you KNOW something is clear or not.

Ever thought of someone, something, etc and they call/e-mail/run into/show up, etc?

I have noticed it's been happening alot more than usual.

I'm a little confused however, between Manifestation and actually knowing like intuitive or "calling it" Psychic type senses.
At times things will happen or appear that I've been thinking of.. a couple times I thought I was dead on.. and to me it's like I called it! but then others thought I manifested it... so thats where I'm uncertain.. the fine line that separates both.. either way.. it comes true for me.

I remember thinking of I Love Lucy episodes as a little girl and they would literally come on like the next day or so.. or little things here and there, it's crazy.

at least everyday I notice something I've been thinking actually comes true.

I can blog about so many different examples but I'll blog about today for instance....
I'm sure there is a mixture of me manifesting something, my psychic abilities and visions either I know are coming or I manifest to come true... I think Manifesting is something I'm creating where Psychic abilities is whats already created that I will experience in the very short future

I will just call my examples below as "experiences"

Sometimes I will be thinking of something and it comes true either days later or literally the next couple minutes.

Today I was thinking of one of my friends I haven't seen or heard from her in a minute (months). I was conversing with her cousin in law last week and he even brought her up, I thought about her the other day and I thought about her earlier.. and today out of NO WHERE she adds me on twitter.

I was watching a Novela last night and in a scene one of the actors hid so he wouldn't be seen by a certain person, I thought.. I wonder if I would ever hide from someone I didn't want to see..

I was thinking about a old friend I hadn't seen in a while, I thought about her earlier, and her attempts at trying to hang out and just talk to me.. I thought about how we stopped talking, she was heavy in drugs, even left me somewhere and how now I don't know if I want that kind of drama regardless if she's sober. Sometimes people change and grow apart.

I went to the market a little while ago, I happened to go to one I never really shop at.. they were having a huge blow out sale. As I'm walking in the parking lot a girl from behind looks JUST LIKE my old friend, I thought "how funny I was thinking of her earlier".. I then walk in the store and I literally see my old friend standing right there.

So what did I do? I put my glasses on and Hide. LOL. I looked like crapola and didn't felt like throwing up, I wasn't in the mood to catch up

Earlier in the week I thought about a particular scene in the movie Good Fellas, and right now Good Fellas is on T.V.. I'm semi watching it as I'm writing this.

A couple times this week I will be thinking of a person like say on Myspace or Twitter.. I see their posts, but haven't really conversed with them or spoken to ever.. a couple minutes later usually that person will hit me up "out of the blue"

Or I'll think .. I wonder if so and so know each other? or so and so would get along.. and sooner than later I will see a pic of them together or they start talking..

So shit like that is weird.

I have one of the most accurate memory's.. I can literally tell you exactly what I was doing, wearing, at what time.. etc last year, and most years past. It's at times a blessing and a curse. I have been tested on my memory and I am well above average.

So sometimes If I hear a voice, .. no not in my head lol, but like on T.V or someone.. just a couple words, or a sound of a song, etc.. I will remember exactly who where and when that person is. It's amazing.

Sometimes, I will think the worst and the best happens. So at times I hit and miss. but for the most part everyday is crazy.

I wish I could have dreams where my Angels or people in my past talk to me. I think they don't because even though I totally believe in Angels, Spirits, ghosts etc.. I am horrified of ghosts, etc.. I think thats why I haven't because I always thought I would die from horror if I saw one. I've read and heard Angels, Deceased Family Members, Friend won't come through because they know you will get scared and they don't want to frighten you.

I have people tell me that a dead family member always comes to them in their dreams and talks to them.. I am so envious of that!

Also sometimes certain things will click in my head and stay with me.. I will wonder why that person sayed it or a certain word.. it's like a piece to a puzzle.. for some reason whatever the word or etc.. Something will come up where that piece will fit the proper puzzle. It's crazy.

I have noticed I will see, read or hear like for another example.. I have been hearing and reading lately how being polite and keeping your cool and not getting Angry in a situation helps. Like if your at a store or get in an accident instead of fighting and over reacting.. Getting angry and yelling isn't going to help" -This is exactly what I've heard on T.V these past couple days, read in a book I'm currently reading this week, etc. So it's like is the universe sending me messages that I will be in a situation like this?

crazy right.. so is it Law of Attraction, Manifestation, or my Psychic abilities?

who knows..

now the golden question.. if I could only use my powers for good lol. As in using it to my benefit .. think "outside the box" and really put it to use. I'm talking about moving objects and creating fire balls lol.

Thats my story =)

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