Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Michelle Rodriguez- You can call me Mrs. A-ROD!

We all have those lusts, crushes, just the sight sends chills and eyes get all watery (and for others alot of other parts moist!).. goose bumps, adrenaline.. etc..

This is mine.. Michelle Rodriguez. Ay dios! Michelle is someone who I'm infatuated with Healthy not psycho or obessed... admiration mostly... Mad attraction to her.. I'm talken.. everything about her is like DAYUM! if she had tatts.. YA SE ACABO! it's a done deal homey!

I love her accent.. that new york accent is hella sexy to me.

Have you seen her in S.W.A.T? omg words can't describe.

From what I know she is NOT a lesbian. Cool. I'll probably never meet her so I can lust as much as I want to myself.. Hey people do it with Angelina Jolie.. WHO IS ANOTHER ONE I WOULDN'T MIND!!!!, People do it with Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian DAYUM!, Adrianna Lima.. etc. Just like girls do it with Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

I have a thing for dark hair, tatts, not to thin but average or a little meat.. tank tops with some dickies or whatever with some chucks, DC'S.. shit like that.. can't comprehend what that does to me lol. , piercings are cute to.. I like tomboys.. duh. Not dykes or butch's.. a little but someone like Michelle. I've been with someone like this every single fucken thing was so perfect.. to me she was the most cutest, beautiful, sexiest of all.. the sexual attraction was like no other. Still is. but hey moven on. .

I don't like girls who try to act like dudes. it's hard to explain but Michelle is definitly my type. I like girly girls to .. I love sharing clothes and shit lol. Maybe she is the ideal. and probably I put the standards high to where it's un realistic .. it is what it is..

So you can call me Mrs. A-Rod =)


claudia said...

well from what i heard she is a lesbian...so u might might have a chance...

tweetz said...

she's HOT!