Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Save the lines for your nose

Ok so you know the saying "you can catch more bee's with Honey then Vinegar".. something like that.. I think?

Well shit call me a salad!

I really can't stand mushy bullshit.. LINES LINES LINES.. save them for your nose.

to be honest. the more you come off real and not on my nutt with all kinds of sweet bullshit blah blah blahhhhhhhh is when I let my guard down and will converse with you openly and respectfully.

It's the ones who hit me up hella cool and normal and not tryen to ask me about my relationship status, or the obvious trying to get to know me in a way that is hopefull on their part to date me or whatever their game plan is.. literally.

I'm not saying be cold and show no emotion or affection cuz I'm 104950458408% affectionate. I love that shit! very PDA!

RARE when I'm with someone .. I'm all bout cute mushy sweet awww puppy shit.. I am totally the perfect chick.. I come off hard but I know what I want and what I don't. I dont waste peoples time..
I'm gonna explain a couple scenarios of what I mean.

1. Typical Guy hit on girl -- girl hit on girl-- guy hit on guy- well most guy on guy theyre usually both horniados and wanna pass the small talk and get down with tha get down

Everyone knows I have a huge issue with anyone callen me MAMI or SEXY. nigga I ain't your mami and my name isn't pronounced SEXY.

ESPECIALLY REGARDING WORK. That's the worst .. if your going into a meeting would you call the potential associate "sup mami check out my tracks" FUCK NO. that already makes me think LAME.

Why do I hate this? because it's so fucken general and tryen to be smooth, it's not personable,. it's gay and not in the good way. Seriously .. do you think thats gonna make someone all gushy and wet? like stars are dilating from my eyes and my hearts gonna pound out with lil sparkles? get the fuck out of here with that.. maybe 15 year olds dig it.. but i don't.

or lets take me for example.. girls who hit me up... All mushy and shit.. sayen sweet shit and tryen to come off alllllllllll concerned and perfect, caring and acting like I've known them, met them or have established a "relationship". OMG I hate sweet shit but I dispiseeeee the horny broads all ghetto flirty, desperate flirty.. WACKALA. Bitch please.. it ain't that serious.

Oh damn and the ones who hit me up with that BULLSHIT "soul mate, beach, stars, moon, forever, hearts, in love, in lust, fallen for you, BLAH BLAH BLAH. trick please you don't even know me, never met me .. or if they did meet me somewhere and they got my number or something they throw that shit? Sit on the bench homey.. your game is wack.

It's when the girl comes at me NOT trying to hit on me.. if she's really interested she will make it known but not pushy. I have persistant ones, I think it's cute. but there is some that always see me as a challenge. I'm straight up. I tell them all.. Not interested, getting out of a bad relationship, not ready to go there... not ready to open up. It's gonna take someone with alot of GENUINE PATIENCE and not waiting to go for the kill.

To be honest I get alot of kiss assing from people on myspace, people in the scene, people at shows, people who put me on a pedestal.

I AM NOT saying the ones who compliment or actually appreciate what I do or write.. thats genuine and I love that.

I'm saying the ones who obviously kiss my ass for their own intent and agenda..

I'm not stupid. I know the difference and I know the rattle of a snake.

I get alot of compliments from people who respect what I do and maybe how I write or what have you, and thats dope cuz to be honest I don't really see myself as this profound promoter or marketer or "REAL" as I have been told. I think it's an illusion they have of me.

And thats fine I just don't ever want to be seen as higher then them or theyre not at my level and be so in awe? or going out of their way to make sure I'm cool or don't want to say anything wrong to me or like all intimidated.. thats the most assumption is I am intimidating? I'm not a superstar. ACTUALLY I don't give a fuck who you are.. just cuz you act or sing or a dope lyricist I don't think anyone is above the rest of us. Sure I get star struck or have to express how much appreciation I have and I'm guilty of being intimidated and shy .. but I don't stick around and wanna kick it.

So kids.. Less is more..

I don't play hard to get.. I'm just not easy to catch.. the chase is always better then the kill.. But I'm not prey.

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