Friday, April 10, 2009

Michelle Rodgriguez in my room, Thanks Latina Magazine!

Not really, but Kinda!

I am excited!

Often I'll talk about Manifestation, Law of Attraction, etc..

This past weekend was the opening of Fast and The Furious 4, Michelle Rodriguez who everyone knows I totally love, is in it! So everyday I've been getting asked if I've seen it.. I think people associate her with me because of My MySpace page, I hope they associate her as talented actress ..well the HOT talented actress..

anywho, so Sunday I was passing through Hollywood and I remember thinking of Latina Magazine, 1 of my favorite Magazines ever. I have always had a personal goal of being featured in Latina Magazine, (I actually was BUT only cause I wrote in about Thalia and they mentioned my letter) I hope when I have something note worthy to be featured on.

So Yesterday I get a E-Mail OUT OF NO WHERE from my G-Mail account from Latina Magazine! :

We noticed on Twitter that you’re a huge Michelle Rodriguez fan. We’d like to send you something we think you’ll like.

Please send us your mailing address if you’d like us to mail it.

Follow us on Twitter:


I was like WTF! HELL YES! lol.

So I gave her my address, and TODAY this is what I got!

IT'S A HUGE BEAUTIFUL POSTER! ! =) Of course hanging in my room

check out Michelle's links!

Michelle's Myspace , Website, Facebook, YouTube


Boss Lady said...

She is so damn beautiful. Definitely need to go pick me up a copy asap.


Rodrigo said...

Wow, is hanging from your ceiling? Maybe you can get a signed CD from Alicia Villareal now from all your Twitter updates about her...