Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Friday! =)

This is how I aim to sweat EVERYDAY.

So I went to my grandmothers house and we had a talk about weight that night, a talk that normally wouldn't haven ended well.

She went on a vacation to Hawaii, and her long time friend had gained so much weight she broke a chair, how horrible is that? We were sitting at the dinner table. I automatically loose my appetite the minute I walk in her house because of the way I was treated, it was ALWAYS about my weight.

anywho, she starts talking bout whats healthy and whats not, and I correct her on how meat is not healthy and is not a protein humans can even begin to digest especially with all the bullshit the government pumps in them and their emotions/anxiety, etc.. OK I'll stop, But I know the facts.

wait 1 more.. ON how Banana's have to much sugar and how Potatoes have to much starch (ahs she slaps on the butter) LMAO I'm like um THEY ARE PERFECT FOOD, the fruit in sugar you speak about is the sugar your body can digest where it benefits you, the STARCH in Potato is 1 of the elements your body needs to feel full, so GROWN SUGAR AND STARCH you are taught to be afraid of by white sugar making companies that aim to kill you with their chemicals dressed in white... are GOOD FOR YOU ..

BUT anyway, we brought up my weight, and she sayed "You've been gaining weight? since when"?"

Ok.. so I didn't know to be mad that she hasn't noticed? or am I assuming she will always see me as I see myself?

weird right..

So we get home late my mother and I went to Whole Foods, got all kinds of organic food and fruit/vegetables, the moment I get home I put everything ready to go for the morning, I need to be prepared or it won't work. I got bananas, beans, my vegan boca burgers (that taste like taste and are only 1 point on Weight Watchers) fruits and veggies, etc.. etc..

BACK TO BASICS! I know what works for me and my body.

I took a sleeping pill, I need to get my pattern back on track

SO Monday came I got up, had my oatmeal and bananas, I was thinking about rejoining Weight Watchers but I didn't want to pay the registration fee, as I am about to type I got the remote and turned on the TV and what do ya know? It was a Weight Watchers commercial saying the are offering FREE Registration! If that's not a sign I don't know what is!

So I decided I'm gonna go. I got ready found the earliest time BUT this time instead of hitting taco bell and having my last meal I go right to my car where I encounter my neighbor and good friend, she asked where I was going and I told her, she's always trying to loose weight, so she's like LETS GO TO TACO BELL FIRST!

I'm like NOPE, Her dad walked up and she had to take care of something so she didn't come with me, I went and joined, it's changed a bit since I last went. One thing I don't like is people selling me shit, that's 1 thing I could have not dealt with, all these products being pushed on me, but I made it clear what I'm there for and what I will ONLY be purchasing.

Let me make it clear, Weight Watchers is amazing, and I will always back it up 100%, they are not pushy as a business, this particular worker was, NOT ALL.

I went on Weight Watchers in 04, lost 30 pounds. If Weight Watchers doesn't work for you THEN YOUR NOT SERIOUS ABOUT LOOSING WEIGHT. .That's how easy the program is, you can eat WHATEVER YOU WANT.

any who when I went Vegan in 07 I didn't need WW because I ate pure and organic.

It's a trip because I don't agree Meat and Dairy like Milk and Cheese are healthy for you, because they are not. POINT BLANK THEY ARE NOT.

So on the WW Plan they do promote that as a healthy lifestyle, etc.. ok fine but not for me

what I like is they have a plan for Vegetarians and Vegans.

So I'm at the meeting which I totally suggest everyone should stay for.

The Leader was talking about Goals, now for me personally, I don't know how to keep goals.

So she gave us a paper for us to write a Goal and how to keep them. So I told her my goal for the week would be to exercise everyday.

I got weighed and I weigh 155, I'm 5'5 I thought for sure I would weigh in the 60's, but okay if it says so!

It's now Friday and I have exercised 2 hours everyday! I am so proud of my body for not being sore or anything!!!!!! that's a BLESSING! especially since my mishap back in August that kept me on bed rest for a month!

I have been journaling everything I eat, I have been eating beautifully, I am mindful and I'm on my game right now

My steps to get to my goal are these
1. Make Time to workout
2. Walk to Places instead of driving
3. Find different workouts for everyday
4. Different Play lists for each day
5. Have clothes and shoes ready to go

so It's Friday, Just wanted to give an update, I'm on my way to the gym, I worked out for an hour earlier but I wanted to reach for 3 hours, so 2 hours and I'm good.

I know it's not realistic for everyone and yes, over exercising can hurt your body and may even make you gain weight, I just want to see if I can do it.

Shit if people on The Biggest Looser that weigh over 300 can do 6 hours a day, I can do 2! lol

I'm going to Fresno on Monday, BUT I will be going to get weighed and stay for the meeting!

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