Friday, May 1, 2009

Fresno Trip -Update

What a difference ... 2 weeks is? lol

Seems like working out 2 hours a day was so long ago. I think actually that Friday was the last time I actually worked out. .I did go to the gym that night, worked out 2 hours on the elipictial. I worked out so hard that it was hard for me to walk the next 2 days which was the weekend, and I didn't do so well

Monday came and I had a busy ass morning. I was leaving to Fresno for the day. Fresno is about 4 hours away from L.A, where I live. I had to get ready, then head out to get weighed, which I gained 2 ounces, yea.. 2 ounces, I worked out 2 hours a fucken day.. but I think what I ate that Sunday had something to do with it. Anyway I presented my goal which I did semi reach to the chick she looked at me stunned why I wasn't freaking out. I didn't tell her I ate like crap over the weekend. She sayed it must be my body holding on to water.

Look I was surprised 2 ounces and yes I know to much excercise can actually add to your weight, be it muscle, whatever, blah blah blah.. but in a week? so as I held back tears and smiled I had to go to Ventura pick up Bambi, who I manage. Bambi was to be in Fresno at a signing for a art show later that afternoon.

Already not feeling comftorable in my skin, I was in tow for the hour away ride thinking to myself like, trying not to be hard on myself, but come on, I'm on my own worst enemy, give myself a break? lol yea right....

So I get to her pad, her homeboys who are the SHIT! mad cool peoples, we took off, I drove.. it was kinda funny how we got there mad early, they teased I was speeding, there was just no traffic actually.. I did however, weave in and out of some feds.. oops =)

We get to Fresno, me and Lisa had never been, it wasn't really all that different. I was totally surprised, I think all of us were at how fucken dope the art show was. It was held at The Chop Shop, a barbor shop. Not big at all but it was dope. Everyone that came through, and there was alot of gente, surprisingly, mad fucken cool, treated us like fucken celebs, Bambi sold all of her gorgeous posters!

The thing I really fucken loved was the music the DJ was playing, straight up HIP HOP all the Golden Era shit mixed in with the classic funk, soul & oldies, we were loven it, we didn't want to leave!

Bambi, Vinnie aka Skittles, Fred aka Sweetness, and myself.. had a fucken blast together.

Even some Psycho Realm fans came down and supported, it was good times for sure.

Here are some pics!

Luis & Bambi
Bambi with the paparrazi

So good times! then for the rest of the week, I didn't feel good, not sure why I think stomach flu?

anywho so now it's like almost 2 weeks later I guess and I had the fucken flu all this week.

I want to blog but I kinda have to be in the mood. Just thought I would share this.

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