Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

wow I can't believe he died.

I'm watching a Dateline special with my mom right now and even though it's been more than 24 hours since his passing, it's amazing all the tributes, specials that are airing right now and mind you, the east coast is 3 hours ahead.

Some editors must have been mad busy pulling out all kinds of content.

I Actually found myself tearing up. I don't know why really, I guess because in the last couple of months I found myself on Youtube looking for music to listen to, I figured well I should go with the sure thing and I started going through all Micheal's videos, I played them over and over. I have Smooth Criminal, Beat it and Bad on my mp3 player when I work out.

The word is literally a buzz with his death but obviously more, his life.

I think the same will be when (God Forbid) Madonna passes.

I was born the year Thriller came out, 1982. I grew up to his music, his iconic styles, etc. I remember when I was a little girl probably around 5 (if you read my previous blogs you know I have an immaculate memory) My godmother (anything but a "God' Mother) would tease me I crushed on Michael Jackson.

I also remember how I was confused why people would scream and literally cry when they would see him. I didn't get that. BUT I am a huge fan of Thalia so I can totally see myself sobbing.

I actually thought of Michael Jackson the day before yesterday, thinking how he feels to know so many people Jock and mimic k his styles, like Usher and Neyo, etc. And what it means to him, then bam, he passes.

anywho I haven't blogged much, but I felt like blogging on this.

I guess he did have an impact on my life, so now I am going to look closely around me and really honor those who have an impact on me, including music/actors/celebs.

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