Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carmen Electra put me on Bed Rest! -UPDATE-

UPDATE- Today is about couple days shy of 2 weeks.

I am a bit more mobile.. I don't have excruciating pain in my lower back right side/pelvis/hip bone pain anymore really. I can kind of bend but I'm still cautious when I have to pick up something. If I stand or walk around longer then around 5 minutes my ankle and knee start throbbing, like right now. I tried to do laundry and didnt have much help.. but I didn't want to wait so I carried the basket back and forth.. blah blah blah. I haven't been wearing the back brace as I should. but I will. The muscle relaxer that was given isn't really helping. Im gonna get stronger ones asap!. I can feel the bone/muscle strained .. feels like my ass bone hurts the most!

I try to ice it because I guess heat does something to the joint, even though I think it makes a difference then iceing.. but it is what it is..

I'm on bed rest for 4 to 6 weeks so hopefully I just keep taking care of it!. I have been listing to alot of mariachi, low tempo soul shit cuz if I put on my Salsa, and merengue or "club" type shit I'm gonna want to dance!

Anywho thats my update for those who were asking.. and thankyou but no thank yuo, I don't need "chicken soup" lol. very sweet though but I don't have the flu nor do I eat chicken. but if you wanna bring some soy pozole handle that scandle! =)

I will however be making a blog on my favorite blog page of Excercise dvd's that I have used for years and made a huge difference! I will update this when it is up!
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Carmen Electra put me on Bed Rest!

Ok so no not really but shit I wouldn't mind! lol.

I really like Exercise DVD's, I'm not really a fan of Gyms.. so for me it's the next best thing to running/walking around. So I have Dvd's from Salsa, Kick Boxing, Belly Dancing etc.. Kathy Smith is my personal trainer it seems like cuz she has the most illest dvd's

back to Carmen.. she has this Aerobic Strip Tease Dvd set. It's not what you think like it's all slutty or stripper status.. it's very cute and gives you a work out. I remember I did one of her first Dvd's and I couldnt walk for a week .. I was so sore!

She recently came out with "Vegas StripTease". It's a full on routine.. lots and lots of dips, lounges, hip shaking, poping, bending, really cute burlesque type.. It makes you sweat like a mofo.. excellent routine.. my ass and thighs shaping very nice!.. So I didn't stretch like I should have and did the shit everyday for a couple weeks. I noticed some back in like in my lower back where my spine and pelvis connect.. It was hard for me to bend and what not.

So over a week ago I was in traning for a new job-merchandise distribution for Psycho Realm, etc.. It's alot of driving... lots and lots, picking up stuff, dropping off, bending, etc.. Just driving my right ankle was hurting me .. even the drive to the office was killing me imagine all day? plus sitting in a car, all the bending, etc..

on a Friday the last day I tried to pick up a box and help getting orders together. That fucked me up. I went home and by the time I woke up Saturday I couldn't move my right hip/pelvis bone to my ankle, the pain was unbearable.. It was to much for me to even switch to lay on my left side.. couldn't get up without the horrible shooting pain up and down my side. I called my mom and we went to urgent care. X-rays showed I had irratation and was swollen in my joints. I swore I thought I popped my hip bone out of socket or something.

The doctor put me on 4 to 6 weeks bed rest, no walking longer than 5 minutes, no bending, lifting and a back brace etc..

Bending to sit isn't as bad now, it's been over a week. I do feel a little better, just icing and taken meds, getting rest and shit.

I'm not comftorable to really walk long periods or bend yet.. I will do the dvd again, not soon but I want to, I miss dancing and wearing my stilettos! But it's true.. no matter how much money you got or whatever.. If you don't got your health.. your fucked.

I will take stretching more serious.

I'm not sure if I want to continue with the training and do the Job.. not anytime soon at least.

I'm always on the computer .. I work from home anyway.. I just get a little cramped sitting at the computer for a while.

So thats my story

Carmen Electra Strip Tease website

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